Monday, June 27, 2016

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday Loves! 

It has been a minute since I have done a weekend recap but, I enjoy them more than a pre prompted post each week so with that, Ashley and I have decided to end the Weekly Blogger Challenge. Obviously, you are all more than welcome to continue and if you link your posts in the comments, I would love to read them! 

Anyways this weekend was the first weekend we have had alone in our new house! We totally soaked it up and took advantage of the relaxation since this coming weekend we will have company again but you know we love it! 

-F R I D A Y- 
I was unexpectedly called in for an interview at a school near us and ended up taking a job as a teacher again! John and I also had a bunch of house errands to run so we did that once he was up and then did a quick dinner on the grill. Basin [similar to Lush but 100x better in my opinion] very generously sent me a PR package FULL of bath bombs-we are talking 20 bath bombs in all different sizes and scents. Obviously I ended my night with a long bubbly bath! 

-S A T U R D A Y-
I woke up pretty early and got a bunch of house cleaning and errands done. Once J woke up, we binge watched a few OC episodes before getting ready for a date night. We went to the movies and saw Central Intelligence with Kevin Hart and The Rock. For a movie that I didn't feel was promoted a lot, it was really funny. We ended the night with late night appetizers and dessert. 

-S U N D A Y-
Was the laziest of lazy days. We binge watched food network/reality tv before leaving the house for a bit to run to publix for last minute dinner needs. We did a little grill out with burgers and hot dogs then snuggled up for more OC watching. After he went to bed, I went through some of my old teaching stuff to get my things in order before my first day back! 

What were you up to this weekend? 

Friday, June 24, 2016

Peaks and Valleys [6.24]

Happy Friday loves! 

It's been a minute since I have been around the blog land on a Friday but, I am glad to be back! It is pretty crazy that this is the last Friday in June and that 2016 is half way over already. Anyways I am going to share with you my peaks and valleys of this past week! 

P E A K S 
∆ getting to spend so much time with John's family. Between his brother and brother's girlfriend, his momma, and his grandfather, it was so perfect! 

∆ getting to really start enjoying our first home

∆ beating blogger burnout! 

∆ the Starbucks "Pink Drink". I tried one and let me tell you-holy overhyped. It was drinkable but it was not something I would ever order again. 

∆ returns at Walmart. we had bought a few items for our house, they didn't work out so we went to return them-stood with the customer service rep for 45 minutes and she wouldn't let us return them-ugh

∆ apple chargers. I love apple products. I am a die hard iPhone and MacBook enthusiast but why, why Apple do your chargers have to be so shitty? I go through 6-8 iPhone cords a year and at least one MacBook charger


What was a peak and valley for you this week?
Have a great weekend! 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Boudoir Photography 101

Happy Thursday Loves!
So obviously you can tell by the title of the post what I am talking about today. I feel like Boudoir photography gets a bad rap. It truly is all in how far you choose to take it! I can honestly say that after doing my boudoir shoot, I have never felt more self confident and fierce!

So, What is Boudoir?
according to the Google machine, Boudoir Photography is a sexy new trend that's especially popular as a wedding day gift from a bride to her groom . Boudoir photos are usually taken wearing either just a little, or well, nothing at all.

Why Did I Choose to Shoot Boudoir?
A few months ago, I decided that I wanted to give John something special for his wedding gift. Throughout the year we always get each other gifts here and there so there is never a "wishlist" per-say between us. He doesn't really wear watches & he already had cufflinks so I wanted to think a bit outside the box. I finally decided I wanted to do a boudoir shoot for him. I automatically turned to pinterest for some inspiration. I am going to be honest, I got a bit freaked out when I did my initial search. I thought "there is no way I am wearing these skimpy outfits in front of someone I don't know" I put the thought to rest for a while then as the days got closer to our wedding, I had a confidence boost and decided I would search local photographers in the area to see who shot boudoir. Surprisingly a lot of names came up. After some research I found two legitimate candidates. (we will come back to why that is bolded later). I met with the first one, Melissa from Nite Owl Photography and fell in love. She had such great ideas and we really clicked. 

Finding a Photographer
This is super important. I really researched and researched photographers around me. I went as far as to search people 2-3 hours away. Professional photography can add up and become costly so I wanted to make sure I was investing in someone who was capable behind a camera and who I could relate to in terms of my vision. Also, with any type of photography-but especially a focus as personal as boudoir, you want to make sure you have someone that will make you feel safe and comfortable and will also be professional. I knew from the get go that I wanted a female photographer because of the nature of the photos. Once I narrowed that down, I went to each individual website and saw what kinds of pictures they took, how they took them, how they edited them, etc. Melissa's website caught my eye because she is a natural light photographer. She had some examples on her website of a fairy/goddess scene and I fell in love. I read various reviews on her and I just knew that she was the one. It was literally 2am and I emailed her asking if she would be interested in doing pictures for me. 

Melissa was SO professional and really prides herself on building a client-photographer relationship. We met for coffee not long after the emails to discuss a vision for the shoot. She told me we could do anything from 50-shades of grey type photos to more subtle, glam, goddess type pictures. I went for the latter. I told her I wanted to do something outdoors with lots of flowers/garden, etc. She listened to everything I had to say then got to work on making me a private pinterest vision board. She found a very private location and set up the most gorgeous scene for my shoot.

What I Wore/Where to Shop
This was the hardest part of the whole process. I really struggled trying to find the right outfits. I didn't want to spring for the newest line of VS lingerie because I didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on things I wouldn't normally wear/ ever wear again. If you go into "adult stores", your only options are insanely race-y x-rater apparel or costumes. I was looking for pastel shades, chunky sweaters and sheer coverups. I ran into TJ Maxx one day for something totally unrelated and decided to browse their lingerie section and had great luck. Melissa also suggested Goodwill. I had great luck there as well. 
  target // target // tj maxx // tj maxx // forever 21
I paired the above with various bralettes in neutral colors from aerie that I already had. 

How to Prepare
The night before our shoot I pampered myself. I took a long shower and used a sugar scrub, put on a pore minimizing mask, and painted my nails. With Nite Owl's shoots, hair and makeup is included so the morning of, I just woke up, washed my face and then drank some champagne. I was pretty nervous so I woke up and poured a glass bottle to calm my nerves then headed to the shoot. 

one of the best parts of shooting with Melissa was how much my opinion mattered. She asked me what I was thinking in terms of how I wanted my hair and makeup to look and what colors I was thinking in terms of eye make up and such. after my hair and makeup were finished, it was shoot time! I was still super nervous and Melissa could tell so she did some exercises to help me relax. As the shoot went on, my confidence built up and I ended up having so much fun. Melissa was so great and throughout the whole shoot she was so motivating and helped me feel comfortable.  Melissa would also let me see the shots as she took them so we were on the same page. 

all that worry and nervousness was for nothing! after the shoot I felt so confident and fierce. Melissa's turn around time was about a week and a half. I went to her studio and checked out the proofs and they were absolutely gorgeous. There was not one picture I wasn't completely in love with. 

Melissa-Nite Owl Photography
if you are ever in the Sarasota/Tampa area I HIGHLY suggest giving Melissa a call. 

What are your thoughts on Boudoir? Would you ever shoot boudoir?