Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Life Lately: An Update

Hi Loves! 

So, it's no secret that I have been totally MIA and out of sync with the blog world lately and as much as I am glad to be back, it was an unplanned but necessary leave. I apologize in advance for the extra wordy post today! 

In 2014, I decided to take off a few months from work to travel and get some personal things taken care of. After that six months was up, John and I talked and decided that it would be best for me to take another few months off to pursue blogging and to have the ability to take care of family things, after those months had passed, it had turned into a little over a year of me not working. For those of you that may not know, my job prior to that leave of work was teaching. 

Working with children and teaching has always been a passion of mine and one that although I loved, I wanted a small break from to see how far I could take my blog. I did have a lot of success being a full time blogger but I felt as if my days were just running together and my long hours of training and education were going to waste so, on a whim I started applying to various teacher job postings. 

To my surprise, I had 5 call backs and 4 job offers from those interviews. I did pick one and that is currently my full time job now. In June I returned to the classroom as a toddler teacher at a franchised preschool by us. I have also resumed my Director's courses and will hopefully be receiving my credentials for that in mid fall. 

Coincidentally, in the same week that I started my new job, John left his job. This change we had talked about coming in the fall but the place he used to work at didn't appreciate him and we never saw each other so although it was sudden, it was necessary. It didn't take long for J to find another job which isn't surprising as he is very skilled in many traits (proud wifey over here!) 

So we both started new jobs which was a big change. We also bought our house in May so we have been trying to get all of our bills and accounts in order to be more organized and deal with the highs and lows of being new homeowners. 

Between the changes in jobs, family matters, family visits and just life in general, this little part of me just got put on the back burner. I am trying to find a happy medium of being able to keep this part of my life current and interesting while also being able to love and live life. I don't want to get home from work at 6 and jump right on here to make sure I have a post each and every day ready because that just isn't living. So, I am thinking maybe 2-3 times a week I will have a new post up! 

Anyways, that for the most part, has been life lately. If you follow me on snapchat (ssarahhh14) you will already know most of this so, if you don't already make sure to follow me on there so you can stay up to date on all things behind the blog! 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Stitch Fix Reveal #5

Happy Thursday Love Bugs! 

Today I am back with a Stitch Fix Reveal. 

What is Stitch Fix?
If you don't know what Stitch Fix is, it is an online clothing store and personal styling service. For a $20 styling fee (which is taken out of your bank account when your Fix ships), you can have five personally selected pieces shipped right to your door. These pieces are selected by your personal stylist, who carefully reviews a "style profile" that you create. The $20 will be credited towards whatever pieces you decided to keep from your Fix. Things that you don't want are placed in a pre-paid mailer and sent back. If you end up wanting to keep all of your items, the $20 styling fee will go towards your end total as will a 25% discount. 

Stitch Fix encourages you to try on every item because they usually send items you would not pick on your own so, they want you to see it on rather than just holding it up. When you "check out" online after receiving your fix, you tell them which items you are keeping and give detailed reviews of each item to help better your next fix. It will ask you what you liked/didn't like about the fit, style, and pattern.

What I Received:

Item #1: Papermoon Lonni Crochet Back Knit Tank $38 
 I am obsessed with this tank! The color is gorgeous and the detailing is perfect too-this top is a total win for me! 

Item #2: Collective Concepts Kaeli Eyelet Dress $68 
The color, the cutouts, the length-swoon!

Item #3: Papermoon Bastille Tulip Sleeve Blouse $44
So, I would never pick this top off a rack in a store to try on. However, when I put it on to see how it styled with the skirt, I fell in love. I love the sleeve style and I like the off white color as it will go with a lot of other printed skirts and bottoms I have. 

Item #4: Gilli Darcie Printed Pencil Skirt $48 
Holy heart eyes for this baby! I love everything about this skirt from the print and color to the fit. 

Item #5: Pixley Evander Dress $68 
I love Pixley dresses. The fit and styles are perfect for my body type and this dress was no exception. I love the keyhole in the top and the floral print is beautiful! 

Fix Total: $266
5 Kept Item Discount: -$66
Styling Fee:-$20
End Total: $180

Overall Thoughts:
Overall, I could not be more thrilled. I felt like the items really matched my style and personality and they are all easy to dress up or down which is what I look for in a fix. I did keep all 5 items so I qualified for the 25% discount on top of the $20 styling fee. $180 for two dresses, two tops and a skirt is not only a steal but totally comparable to what I would spend going from store to store trying to get a similar haul. This fix was perfect! 

What do you think of this Fix? 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Beach Essentials+Tips

Happy Tuesday Loves! 

Being from Florida means that I am no stranger to the beach. Now, anyone can go to the beach but, there is a specific art to "beachin' it" and various essentials you need to make your day that much more enjoyable! 

1. a beach! 
obviously you need to pick a beach. by us, there are seven beaches within 35 minutes. We only live 30 minutes north of Siesta Key Beach which is the #1 beach in the U.S. however we almost never go there because that beach is the biggest tourist trap around which is anything but relaxing. We prefer to go to one of the more private beaches, Lido. Same quality sand and water just less publicized. 

2. a cooler/food. 
because no day out in the heat is complete without food and drinks! Pro tip: we also like to store our Aloe in the cooler so it is chilly for a sunburn. Some of our favorite beach day snacks are watermelon, berries, orange slices, pita chips, and chicken wings! 

3. towelS. 
we always bring at least two towels per person. one to lay down and one to dry/wipe off with. 

4. baby powder. 
this is KEY for Florida. The sand here is so powder-y soft and impossible to get off. However, if you bring baby powder with you, after you are mostly dry and get to your car, put some in your hand and wipe it down your legs, arms, etc and the sand will come right off. 

5. heavy duty ziplock bags or a lifeproof. 
again, the sand is impossible here so prior to getting to the sandy part of the beach, put your phone in a ziplock (or lifeproof case) this allows you to still be able to fully use it without getting sand all over it. you can also take 'in the water' pics with it! 

What are your beach essentials?