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hello, is this thing on? things are a little dusty around here and I am definitely rusty when it comes to this whole writing thing. I am not sure what to say or where to even start.

at around 330am on an October night back in 2012, I got a weird urge to start a blog. I know there aren't many but I know that I still have a few OG followers who remember Bombshelled Glitter (insert covered eye monkey emoji here). my 21 year old self created a blog with a title based off the Bombshell perfume line from Victoria's Secret and glitter because well, who doesn't love glitter. the first half of 2012/2013 was a total learning curve for me in terms of how to even blog/what to blog about. come March 2013, I totally erased Bombshelled Glitter-like deleted the webface and the backup from the blogger platform and started Sarah Emily Blogs. I guess you could say that I wanted to be a little more sophisticated in the blogger community. from 2013 until the middle 2014 I spent most of my dow…

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