Friday, October 24, 2014

My First 5 on Friday!

Well, Hello There! I figured that there is no way to kick off a new blog like a link up! After a few hours of stalking researching, I found the 5 on Friday link up hosted by AprilDarci, Christina, and Natasha and the Oh Hey Friday link up hosted by Karli! I am going to jump right in and I hope you enjoy! 

1. Well first and foremost, I started this new blog! I have a teaching blog, Juiceboxes&Glitter that I have been working on since July but, I recently decided to take sometime off from teaching so, I wanted to start this blog to follow that journey. I plan to write about different travels, recipes, family events, and anything else that my little heart desires. I hope that you choose to follow along and enjoy life with my silly man, two furbabes and myself! 
2. If you love wine, you'll love this! Last weekend on our weekly shopping trip, J and I bounced around the wine aisles of our local store and this yummy bottle caught my eye! 
Goodness gracious y'all! Cheesecake flavored wine! The smell once you pop that cork out is absolutely divine! I definitely wouldn't consider this an every night thing as it is a little too sweet for me but, as a treat, I highly recommend it! You can find more from the Birthday Cake Vineyards here.

3. I got to spend a lot of time with my momma this week as our schedules just worked! She said that she has been on my dad to get another dog! Chloe (the shiba inu pictured) and Yoda (the little guy photobombing) are John and my dogs. Shiba's are not very common in the US and especially in Florida. They are actually Japanese dogs. Anyways, I rescued my little girl three years ago and ever since, my momma has had a love affair with her. She found a breeder in Pennsylvania so, fingers crossed, we will be welcoming furbaby number 4 to the family! 

4. Being home more often now means that I also get to spend more time with my two favorite babes. Tuesday morning, I rolled out of bed around 645, went for a run then enjoyed my morning coffee on our very messy porch (thanks to moving) with this little fella! It was a gorgeous day in FL. 74 degrees! 

5. I will be spending my Saturday night with these two hams! 
I actually met this family when I started teaching their sons two year old class. He is now almost 5. I developed and awesome relationship with his parents and we have become pretty close friends. I was even able to be at the hospital when princess Breana was born, she is now almost 1. I look forward to any day that I am able to spend with them. 

And, heart melter! J actually comes with me! Holly and Darin (the parents) Met him when the kids stayed the night at our place a while ago. Matthew calls him "Mr. John" and it is the cutest thing in the whole world. 

hello baby fever

What are you up to this Weekend? Follow the links at the top to see what a bunch of other bloggers have been up to! 
Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. Welcome to the link up! Mmmmm that wine sounds so good right now :)


    1. Definitely worth a try!
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Aww I'm glad you got to spend time with your Mom! Your pups are precious!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by! Those two littler furballs are my life!

      Have a great weekend.

  3. That's so exciting that your mom may be getting a new fur baby!! Nothing better :) :)

    1. We are definitely big dog lovers!

      Have a great weekend, Lisa!

  4. Love the name of your blog!!! Welcome to the fun! I might have to check out that wine!! So glad that you popped on over to my blog and I've now found yours!!


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