The Struggle

Is so real right now! 

I HATE moving. Obviously, I love the fresh start and new beginnings but, the feeling of being overwhelmed and my anxiety is awful! 

We gave our 60 day notice at the previous place on September 30, 2014. We signed our new lease on October 2, 2014 and I have been packing ever since. 

The Ricker/Runge Disaster Zone!

Since J works full time and is in school full time, he left everything up to me and I am totally okay with that. We have boxes on boxes on boxes of memories and belongings that will be packed into the back of a truck tomorrow night. We aren't moving far but this will be a great move for us. We will be reaching more milestones together and continuing on our "life plan" together! 

J and his family call me 'psycho' crazy when it comes to moving because the last two moves we made together, we started at 6pm and got all of the boxes into the new place by 10-11pm. While J slept for work the next day, I stayed up all night-legit, all night-putting everything away. He woke up for work to see all of the boxes empty and everything put in its place #domesticgoddess. You better believe that it will be the same way this time! 

Bye-Bye 1012! Hello 6030! 

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  1. I feel you - moving can be stressful but a new start is always exciting!



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