Weekend Recap+Mingle Monday!

Well, happy Monday to you! I hope you all had fabulous and enjoyable weekends! 
I am here today to link up with Bella from Dateless in Dallas and Lisa at Showered with Design for Weekend Recap and also with Meg from Life of Meg for Mingle Monday! I hope you enjoy. 

Weekend Recap

Well, we had a pretty low key weekend! 

Friday: John came home from work looking like a train wreck...in the nicest way possible.. He almost never gets sick but, when he does, it hits him HARD! Poor babes slept almost all night from 4pm-5am only waking up to eat dinner. I used this time to snuggle up to him and catch up on my blogging stuff and trashy reality shows (hello Real Housewives)! 
Sickly Little One

Do any of you find it funny that when your man is sick, he acts like he is on his death bed but, when we are sick, we are still going a mile a minute? I guess I don't mind taking care of him too much when he snuggles me like this! 

Saturday:For anyone that doesn't know, J works six days a week Monday-Saturday which means Saturdays are my 'play days' Due to our schedules we try to spend all the time we can together we both home so, I use Saturdays to schedule lunch dates with my girlfriends, go shopping, etc. This Saturday however, I took somewhat of a 'personal' day. The pups and I rolled out of bed shortly after J left at 530 am, got dressed and drove to the John Ringling Bridge that is 15 minutes away from home. 
John Ringling Bridge
The Babes! 

Sarasota is Kind of Beautiful
Sarasota Bay

Between these babes stopping at every post to sniff, the people we ran into and got to talking with, 20+ photo ops, a short break to call my momma and the walk itself, it took us about an hour an a half to walk the bridge. The weather has been more than perfect here lately! It was 62* degrees when we got to the bridge and it was around 68* when we left!

After our bridge walk, we ventured downtown to check our the weekly farmers market! (of course looking a hot mess with no make up on, I ran into 5 people I knew...)
Sarasota Farmers Market
A Dog Painted Like A Tiger for Halloween
 Along with these sites, we also took in the sights of live performers, fresh produce, and tons of vendors! When we got back home, we laid pretty low. The pups fell asleep and I went out to run errands before going back to packing! 

J got home around 330. He was still feeling pretty awful but I gotta hand it to him, h worked a full day looking and feeling like crap! We hung out/snuggled for a bit then I got ready and left to go babysit two of my favorite little babes. J was suppose to come but obviously, feeling like that, he got a free pass! 

I spent my Saturday night with these two hams swinging, jumping on the trampoline, coloring, playing with rattles and music instruments, eating pasta, and making cookies. 


We ended the night with lots of snuggles and Frozen. 

Sunday: Sundays=Football in this house! We slept in and J was finally feeling a little better. We all got suited up in our game day gear and took the pups for a walk. We ran a few errands then headed to one of our favorite sports bars to watch the Pats take on the Bears. 
Such a handsome little fella! 

We wrapped up our weekend meeting my parents for dinner then catching up on some trashy reality tv before bed! 

Mingle Monday
**What is the scariest movie you have ever seen?**

The scariest movie that I have ever seen would actually be the most recent movie I went to see: Annabelle. Due to it being so new, I won't give out any specific movie details but, let me tell you, I "watched" the whole hour and a half with my hands covering my eyes. I am totally a baby when it comes to scary movies but, J adores them so I cozy up to him, shield my eyes and then get rewarded by dinner at any restaurant of my choice!

Annabelle is the sequel to the Conjuring-also wicked terrifying-The movie is based on a true story and it is centered around the creepiest doll I have ever seen in my life.

Well, on that note, I hope you all had fabulous weekends and enjoy your monday! 
As always, thanks for stopping by! 
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  1. wow your pictures of Sarasota are gorgeous! I hope John feels better soon!

    trish - tales from ...

    1. Thanks so much Trish! Sarasota is a pretty gorgeous city!


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