Four Days 'Til Turkey Day!

Y'all it is only a few short four days until Thanksgiving! Being that this is the first year that I am hosting, I am officially freakin' out! I am taking a few minutes to link up with Bella for Weekend Recap and Meg for Mingle Monday

I spent the majority of my weekend freaking out, shopping and prepping for our upcoming Thanksgiving Feast! 
Friday:I woke up pretty early and hopped aboard the productivity train. I managed to do the dishes, laundry, clean the grill, tidy the house and hit the bark park with the pups all before 11! After the park, we (the dogs and I) returned home so that I could get ready before meeting an old friend for lunch! Kelleigh and I had way too much fun starting our weekends early with a pitcher of sangria, way too many laughs and an abundance of selfies. I came home to sleep off the sangria snuggle with the dogs until J got home from work. We spent the night in with homemade meatballs and sauce that his dear grandmother brought by! 
Saturday: I was up pretty early, J left for work at 430 and I was up and ready by 6. I started my laundry list of errands for Thursday. I hit Marshalls, Publix, Target, Hobby Lobby and Walmart before meeting another girlfriend, Jackie, and her mother for breakfast. After breakfast, we decided to make a quick trip up to the Brandon Mall where I got a decent amount of holiday shopping done and cleaned Bath and Body Works out of their $12 candles! At 630pm, I left to babysit one of my favorite baby boys on the planet..I happened to be the first 'non family member' to see him after he was born. This whole family holds a special place in my heart. We played with his toys, snuggled, made butternut squash soup, read books, snuggled and well, snuggled until his parents got home around 1030. I was headed home when Jackie asked if I wanted to go downtown. Since I don't get to see her often, I couldn't say "no" so, I scooped her up and we headed down to a country bar and line-danced the night away! 

Sunday:prep time! I started setting up our table and centerpieces, labeling all of the serveware and getting a few other things accomplished. I also found out that my love of Panera is still alive. I ate the rest of my panini from the night before with coffee for breakfast-judge me! 
Before I "overworked" myself, J summoned me to watch the Pats game at a sports bar near our house. We stuffed our bellies full of homemade chips, chicken quesadillas, and jalapeno'd think that we would have been full but, we both have a wicked bad sweet tooth so I made chocolate chip peppermint ice cream sandwiches. We came home and J did homework while I worked on blogging things and continued to prep for thursday! 

For Meg's Mingle Monday Question: Do you black Friday shop? If yes, what is on your list?
I go off an on with black Friday shopping. Last year I did and I bought a new tv! This year, I want to for a new knife set and a few other kitchen things but, because I don't have any 'big' purchases in mind, I am still debating if I should go. 

Well, for now, I am off to start a Sangria mix for thursday, clean the house, and grocery shop! 
How did you spend your weekend? Link up with the girls above!

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  1. FUN! I love line dancing! Where do you go?

    -All that food looks delish!

    Showered With Design

  2. Dang girl you had a busy but fun weekend!! I am jealous that you went to a country bar and went line dancing..I wish I could find someone that likes doing that stuff hehe!

    I am sure you are going to kick Thanksgivings booty and have an awesome dinner cooked, can't wait to see how it goes. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  3. Your weekend sounds so busy, but it sounds like you had an absolute blast! Last year was my first year Black Friday shopping & I prefer to hit up the smaller stores like Bath & Body Works, American Eagle, and Victoria's Secret instead of Wal-Mart, Target, etc.

    xoxo, SS

  4. I've never line danced before - I wouldn't even know where to begin, but it sounds like fun :).


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