Monday, You're a Big Ol B!

Ugh! It is definitely one of those mondays! But, the silver lining is that I am 5pm, linking up with Bella for the Weekend Recap and Meg for Mingle Monday

I wish I could say I had an eventful weekend but, I did not. 
Friday: J is a professional procrastinator. My darling boyfriend waited until 4pm after work to start, type, perfect, and turn in his 6 page essay on a culture, historical event, or holiday of his choice that was due by 11pm. Naturally, he enlisted the help of moi to help him write it. We I picked Mardi Gras (hey, if I am going to be the one writing it, it is going to be on something I enjoy!) We got it knocked out by 930pm and treated ourselves to dinner at a local 'chain' restaurant complete with margaritas!
Saturday:Since John works on Saturdays, I usually spend the day running errands, meeting friends for lunch, etc. This Saturday however, I spent at our old house doing one final clean up. I had Goodwill come and get some furniture that we were no longer in love with and cleaned like a mad woman. Saturday was also my mommas birthday so, after I left the old house, I picked her up some flowers and lunch for us at a deli close by and brought it over to her house. We ate, drank and talked-it was great! 

Lemon Poached Shrimp Salad
Later, my dad and John met us for dinner and gifts at my moms favorite restaurant, Stonewood. 

Sunday:Well, obviously it was gameday! We woke up pretty early, J ran into work for about an hour while I took the furbabes to the dog park. We ran errands, ate at Buffalo Wild Wings(the things I do for this man) for lunch, then returned home. J worked on some more homework while flipping through the afternoon games and I got a headstart on some of our families Christmas gifts that I am hand making. We ended the night cuddled up on the couch watching Brady and Gronk crush the Colts! 

For Meg's question of the week: What is on your DIY project wishlist?
1. glittered mason jars...I mean what is life without these?
2. decorated wine bottles
3. wine cork picture
(what can I say? I like wine!)
How was your weekend?
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  1. You could be my DIY bestie! Make sure you seal the glitter on those mason jars...I have glitter all over my desk and where I keep the other jar in the bathroom :) I was thinking about making a W with my wine corks. Sounds like you had a great weekend! Oh and Mardi Gras is my fave I miss it so much!

  2. I'm following you from Life of Meg's blog! I am in love with your DIY project ideas! Glitter mason jars?! LOVE!


  3. That lego quote is cracking me up! And a glittered mason jar totally makes everything better :)


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