My Travel Essentials! ft. Mint Julep Boutique!

As much as I love to travel, it can sometimes be a pain! I frequently ask myself
"What do I need?" "What am I suppose to wear to that?" "Is it insane to bring five pairs of shoes?" "What should I bring on the plane?"...and it goes on. 

Well, I am here to share my top few "Essentials" for my travels. 

Checked Luggage/ Clothing
I am always being made fun of for being an over packer but 1. what girl isn't? 2. I totally own it! I typically travel with my Vera Bradley Large Duffel in Canterberry Magenta or, my Alpha 2 by Tumi. 

A few months ago, I came across an online boutique based out of Alabama. My favorite part about shopping from The Mint Julep Boutique is that no one else in my city has pieces quite like mine! MJB is trendy, affordable and belongs in every fashionistas closet! All of the items shown/talked about were bought personally by me. The pictures are also c/o The Mint Julep Boutique. I have no affiliation with The Mint Julep outside of being a major fan! 

Anyways, back to what we are here for...

1. A Maxi Skirt/Dress... or 4... Hey, there is NO shame in this girl's game! 
On the left is 'Arctic Maxi' in Navy $40. I typically pair this with a bright coral tank or a white vneck T. 
On the right is 'This Day Maxi' in Black/White $45. Wear it alone or throw on a denim jacket and you're all set! 

Maxi's are so practical, comfy, and versatile. Plus, most of my maxi's don't wrinkle-SCORE!

2. A cozy sweater. Planes are always set at some ungodly temperature so I frequently bundle up!
'Cozy Up To Me' in Natural  $38.50
How perfect is this neutral cardi? This is a go-to piece for me! It goes with absolutely everything! 

3. Boots! Y'all I don't care if it is 100* or -40, I am frequently spotted rockin' my fav. Pair of boots! 

On the left, 'True Love Boots' in Natural $86
On the right, 'Carolina Boot' in Tan $60
I always bring my boots with me no matter what city or country I am traveling to and, I always wear them on the plane. Typically they are the most cumbersome items I travel with. No matter what is on your travel itinerary, boots will always be practical! 

Carry On!
I am a pretty light packer when it comes to my carry on bag. I will usually pack a Vera Bradley Tech Backpack or a Vera Bradley Get Carried Away Tote

My top 10 items are: 
  1. Macbook Pro 15"
  2. iPad Mini/Kindle
  3. Headphones
  4. Fuzzy Socks
  5. Bottled Water
  6. Meal bar/Granola Mix
  7. Nikon D5500 
  8. Planner
  9. Tylenol/Meds
  10. Chargers

What are your essential travel items?
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