Hey Y'all! So, I left at 330am on Wednesday morning for a 6am flight to TX and I am back! 
Texas was emotional but such a great experience. 

John's brother, Owen graduated from USAF basic training on November 7 and we could not be more proud of him! 

Thirteen of us flew/drove from various parts of the country to watch our Airman graduate. The weekend flew by so fast but I tried to capture most of it in pictures so, here you go:

The first time any of us saw him after 8 1/2 weeks at the Airman's Run

A momma and her Airman


Joshua (4) and our Airman

One very proud Grandfather and his Airman

It is official, y'all!

The family (minus J)
The Grandparents, Captain and Airman
The first request of the Airman:Dairy Queen

Selfies on selfies on selfies 

This weekend was such an eye opening experience for several reasons, biggest being the message and meaning behind family. I feel so honored that I was invited to such a monumental family milestone. Being in the presences of the newly appointed Airman, an Air Force Officer and the whole Ricker family has been indescribable. It is the support and love from families like this that allow all of our troops in every branch are able to continuously put their lives on the line for us each day to keep us safe. I could not be more elated to be a daughter of a Vietnam Vet, a "sister" to an Airman and a friend to an Air Force officer. This trip has definitely been one for the books. Aim High. Fly-Fight-Win, boys!

I'll be honest, since day one, J's family has made me feel so welcome-I mean obviously I feel comfortable enough with them to fly 1000+ miles for a trip with them without him. His brothers and I had formed relationships via snapchat, instagram and facebook before even meeting in person. I feel as though a little piece of my heart breaks off every time we say our "goodbyes" because although we are all just a phone call or facetime chat away, 1000+miles is a distance. We definitely take any opportunity we can for a visit and knowing that his family treats me as just another one of them, makes my heart full. 

See you soon. 

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