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Happy Friday, Dolls
I am linking up with Karli from September Farm and Christine from Carolina Charm for this Oh Hey Friday! and 5 on Friday!

1. So I have a confession..I like love wine. Wine to me is just so classy. It is yummy. It is pretty. But more importantly, it creates a bond for me. Since I was little, my dad has been a wine collector-and by this, I mean legit wine (not the $8 special I buy at Publix). He has a whole wine storage room built into their house for his wines. He buys it (obviously), sells it, goes to auctions, he is wine. When I was younger, I didn't get it. Now that I am older, I think it is the coolest thing. He and I have been to several wine tastings and auctions together. He shares his passion for it and I learn and taste yummy wines along the way. It is silly to some but it is a hobby for us and I really enjoy the time we spend together. #daddysgirlforlife 

2. I would just like to take this moment to applaud myself in the productivity I showed this week! I conquered several DIY projects that have been on my list for a WHILE now and I knocked out a few Christmas gifts as well. *whoop whoop* 

3. I have officially hopped aboard the #strugglebus with my hair! Ugh. I am so over this mixed girl hair. I had the tips bleached the weekend of labor day in September-what a mistake! I wanted my hair to be ombre'd with reds and purples..the picture I showed the stylist was this one on the left... 
 ...I wish I could show you what I ended up with but I was so upset I didn't even take a picture...just think firetruck red. Thankfully, I managed to dye it to a decent degree using box color (pictured on the right).
Anyways, the bleach has seriously messed up my hair. If I don't stay on top of the box color, my hair gets this weird filmy feeling almost like I forgot to wash the shampoo out..I don't know but it is AWFUL. Moral of my rant: I will NEVER be bleaching my hair again.

4. If any of you are on Facebook or watch the news, I am sure that you have heard about the Florida State University shooting that occurred late Wednesday night/early Thursday morning. Obviously any and all school shootings are tragic but, this one especially hit way too close to home for me. Since before I was adopted (at three days of age), I was an FSU fan. I have been raised and FSU fan my whole life. Although I did not attend FSU, I have spent many Saturdays there rooting for my Noles, weekend trips to visit friends, and always sport a ton of FSU pride. I also have three very near and dear family friends that attend FSU currently. One was thankfully on her way down here before this happened for Thanksgiving, another was safe and sound in her apartment sleeping, but, the third, was in Strozier Library when this occurred she was quick and managed to make it to a closet which may have saved her life. Her Facebook status this morning absolutely killed me. Waking up yesterday morning with a flooded news feed containing the hashtag #prayforFSU and the overwhelming amount of news coverage both local and national sent me into a tear flooded tizzy. I immediately started texting and calling the families of my friends, my mom, anyone that could give me an update of where they were. Once I had conformation that they were all safe, I was a little better but still heart broken for the three families that received news that their children were injured. Thankfully the only fatality was the one of the shooter. All of the victims were injured but will make it through. I have a very set view on the gun laws-especially in Florida- and although I will not be sharing those views on here, I do believe that this shooting along with most if not all others, could be avoided.
On the left is Mckenna's post. She is one of my closest friends and has been since she was two years old. On the right is a post from another FSU student that I am not close with but have met several times through mutual friends. 
This really is confirmation that you never know what tomorrow will bring. You have to live each and everyday to it's fullest and never forget to tell the people you are close to how much you love them.

5. On a less depressing note, Holy cow y'all! Thanksgiving is in 6 days...SIX this will be the first time I am hosting Thanksgiving! I have a full page long grocery list, a two page long to-do list and I think I have bleached-re-dyed hairs falling out from anxiety and ANYONE else with me here or am I on my own island? 
Well, I am off to clean the house before catching up with an old friend for lunch! Link up with the girls above to share what your weekend plans will be! 
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  1. I love me some wine!
    I am so happy your friends are all ok, so tragic :(

  2. glad you're friends are okay.

    I also can't believe that thanksgiving is in 6 days!!!! Super excited to eat, lounge and eat some more!!! Lol
    hope you have a good weekend :)


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