2014 Gift Guide For: The Ladies!

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies! Here is my 2014 Gift Guide for the five main ladies in my life! 
I don't care what anyone says, shopping for these ladies is easy peasy! Keep in mind that these are gifts and ideas that I have picked out specifically for the women in my life. 
For: The mommas and grandmommas

Bottlebrush Animals/Marc Jacobs Tote/Vera Bradley Tote
WoodWick Candles/Garden Stones
Horse Wreath/Wine Cup/Lily Tote

For: The sisters

My Drunk Kitchen/Boozequet/Monogram Blanket
Animal Planter/Head Wrap
Toms/Phone Case/Coffee Mug

What are you getting for the ladies on your Christmas list? 

Stay tuned for my final gift guide tomorrow! 

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  1. I found you through September Farm! Love this gift guide, especially the elephant head wrap! Totally reminded me of my sis! You have a new follower in me!


  2. I love love love the mugs, the shoes, I just love this list. Great post

  3. I could so use a new purse! Also that phone case is adorable!


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