2014 Gift Guide For: The Men!

Hi! Thanks for browsing through my 2014 Holiday Gift Guide! 

This post will focus on all of the men in my life and I happen to have seven! These boys are also insanely hard to shop for! Keep in mind, theses are gifts that I plan to purchase for the specific wishes of the people on my list! 
For: our fathers and grandfathers
The Art of Fixing Things/Circulation Socks/State Rubs
Wine Crate/Cards Against Humanity

Gear Clock/Man Crate/Grill Set
For:the boyfriend and brothers

Brady Jersey/ Pint Glasses/ Cuff Links 
Jump Set/Wallet Insert
Leatherman/Polaroid Camera/Survival Backpack
What are you buying for the men in your life?
Stay tuned for tomorrows Gift Guide for: Moms, Sisters, and Grandmothers! 
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  1. Why are men SO hard to shop for?! Love these ideas - I'm definitely going to steal a few! The jersey one is great!

  2. I love all these different men ideas. I can always use all the suggestions I can get for all the men in my life; why are they so hard to buy for! My favorites are anything sport related, the man crates and the grill set. You have wonderful taste for men!!


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