Birthday and Christmas Celebrations!+Weekend Recap

Welcome back! I hope that each and everyone of you had a fabulous Holiday! 
I took a tiny unplanned break since last week. We just had so much going on between our two families and the holidays that I had literally no time to sit and write! This past week though has been absolutely fantastic. You know, if you have been around here for a while that being surrounded by family makes my heart so full. Because there was so much going on and it was the holidays, everything is pretty self explanatory so, I will let the pictures do the talking!

We will start with last sunday: 12/21
This year, my not so baby, baby sister turned 21!! 
Ahhh That is INSANE. She is a Christmas baby! Her due date was the 25th but, she was induced on December 21, 1993. I had a blast making her 21 birthday gift! 
J and I chose to craft her a BOOZEquet! How fun?! I choose a planter as the base/holder because she is a serious gardener and loves her plants! She is like me and prefers wine, vodka, and tequila. I also threw in some koozies, two wine tumblers and lots of tylenol! 
She absolutely adored it! We went to dinner at a delicious sushi/thai place and finished the night at my parents house where my dad put on a wine and chocolate tasting. 

Moving on to our Christmas Celebrations:
Christmas With Family Friends& "In Laws"
clearly, I suck at taking pictures...

Christmas Eve 


Facetiming J's family

Newest Pandora Ring: the pearl

that faceee
Christmas Day
the feast

gifts from J #spoiled

my beautiful momma

49 55 cards and counting!

J's letters I painted 
And Onto The Weekend...

Friday 12/26
I woke up early, around 430, when J left for work. I had an ultra productive morning complete with two loads of laundry, emailing several people back, cleaning the whole house and getting some blog things done, etc. I met my parents for lunch at Outback then ran a few miscellaneous errands. When J got off work, we were both craving Olive Garden so, we headed there then hit up the mall that is around the corner. We finished the night with frappuccino's  and a movie at home. 
Car Commanders
Babes carrying my stuff!

Bath& Body Works goodies totaling only $24
Saturday 12/27
so, I am always reading blog posts about meeting up with other bloggers and I always thought to myself how neat that would be. I didn't really think it would happen for me but, I actually met a blogger and my newest friend! Lindsey from Galabeasts of the Southern Wild is a south Florida native. Over the past few weeks, we have become followers of one another, we email.. a lot, she designed a new button for me and we have just gotten to know each other pretty well. What we apparently didn't realize until last weekend is that I am living only an hour and a half away from her home town and she drove down this way to surprise her family for Christmas! Once we put two and two together, we made it work to where we would be able to meet up on her way back north. It was a short coffee date but it was great nonetheless. I met her and her adorable hubby, Roger and it was a great time! Lindsey and I are like long lost twins excessively using emojis and talking in hashtags #twinning! 

After our coffee date, we went our separate ways. I headed over to John's grandmothers to pick her up so we could do some post Christmas sale shopping! We were all over Sarasota. We hit up hobby lobby, several thrift stores, big lots, and kmart- I am on the hunt for the perfect piece for my next DIY project! Finally, John and I ended the night with dinner at Applebee's & a movie. We saw Into The Woods and it was fabulous 

Sunday 12/28
J went into work for a few hours as usual. While he was there, I went on a long run with the dogs.. it was nice to clear my head and just go for a little bit. I am really on a mission to change my lifestyle a little bit to become a healthier person #slowlybutsurely. J got home around 9 and hurried to get ready. At 930, his grandmother and her boyfriend picked us up and we had a family trip to BJs. Afterwards, I got started on several DIY projects while J slept and watched the football games. Around 630, I met my parents for dinner..J was sick so he stayed at home. On my way back from dinner, I stopped by Walmart to grab a few more project necessities and a new desk for all of my crafting. 

J was such a champ and put my desk together in no time! We ended the weekend watching football and making wreaths! 
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  1. What a great Christmas weekend! How fun was that boozebasket for your sister's 21st?! What a fun idea! And that fishbowl... wow! Love your new ring too, so pretty!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. Seriously what a perfect weekend and I love the new desk you have!! I'm sure your sister loved her gift with all that booze - I just hope she takes her time drinking it lol!! Love your new ring, but not really that FSU cup LOL!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. Sounds like a fabulous Christmas vacay! Those pandora rings are gorgeous and love the booze-quet you got your sister! I hope she didn't drink all of it in one sitting! lol

  4. What a fantastic Christmas weekend! It looks like you had a blast!

  5. Love the ring, and all the loot from Bath and Body Works! Clearly I went on the wrong day!!


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