Christmas Eve Traditions: For Couples

Christmas Eve is a special night for everyone. For children, they bake cookies and track Santa on the NORAD before they head to bed and await the sound of reindeer hoofs. For parents, they scramble to finish wrapping all of the presents, and eat the cookies. All in all, it is a special night for creating new traditions. 

This is the second year that John and I will be celebrating Christmas as a couple and I wanted to share with you a few of our Christmas traditions that we have made so far. 

1. Letters sometimes, people get so carried away with the hustle and bustle of the season that they forget to remind loved ones of how special they are. J and I cracked this last year. Earlier in the day on Christmas Eve, we both write a letter to each other. We include a few of our favorite memories from the year, recognize all that the other has done, and just share our love for one another. We seal it in an envelope and when we get home after our family Christmas Eve get togethers, we go in separate rooms with a glass of wine or a yummy winter brew and take the time to read them. 

2. Ornaments are a keepsake that you can hold onto for your whole life. Last year, we decided that we would make a set of our own-kind of- basically, each year we will make an ornament for the other that represents a high point from the year such as a trip we went on, a good memory, or just a silly thing that the other would like. The only rule is that it has to be handmade. 

3. Christmas Eve Box I am sure you all have seen these floating around Pinterest. 
Basically, you grab a box and fill it with goodies to celebrate with on Christmas Eve. This year, I filled John's with:
-new Christmas PJ's  -a new coffee/hot cocoa mug  -Sam Adams Winter Lager
-The Holiday (movie)  -my ornament to him  -peanut butter blossom cookies
-carmel corn trail mix  -koozie

This is just a fun way to have something to open the night before but not ruin any "real" is also the last official night to watch Christmas movies so, we take advantage of that! 

Although I am sure these traditions will change as time goes on and as we grow as a couple and family, they are nice to have and remember. I know that I remember all the traditions my family had and they are important to me as they are memories that will last forever. 

What are some traditions you carry out with your family?


  1. Love the Christmas eve box you put together! I like the idea of a new pair of PJs and some goodies for him to enjoy the night before Christmas!

  2. I love starting new Christmas traditions, my fiance' and I get a new keepsake ornament each year (our mall has a pop-up shop with great personalized ones!) & we also each go to a place like Hobby Lobby (with a great selection of ornaments) & pick one or a few that remind us of the other person. That way we'll have the stories & the ornaments to share for years to come :)

    xoxo, SS


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