Dr. Dad to the Rescue!

Happy Monday my caffeinated beauties! 

This weekend was the most perfect mix of relaxing and productive. It was just fabulous and the weather was fantastic. 

FRIDAY I took the last of the 3 boxes full of Christmas presents to FEDEX to be sent off to Massachusetts for John's family
 ran a ton of errands-including a stop at Walmart to get more storage totes for the extra Christmas decor I have picked up this year, went to lunch with my two favorite twins at the newest little sushi gem in Sarasota, Kam's, then returned home to finish gift wrapping for my family. 
Excuse those pesky hairs on the side of my head... 
Best sushi in Sarasota!
We finished the night with dinner out with my momma and dad. On the way home...
this happened so...
at 930 pm, we moved the other tv's around, set this baby up and binge watched all three Home Alone's because, Christmas. 

SATURDAY I spent the early-late morning drinking mimosas and brunching with my fav girl, Jackie. Once we realized out breakfast date scheduled for 830 turned into a two and a half hour affair, we decided to make a day out of it. We played tourist and went to the islands near by for photos, shopping and more eating!
When I got home, J had beat me there. 

The type of work J does is wicked hard on his hands. He always has rough palms, dry skin and lots of calluses-yuck! However, a few months ago, what we thought was a wart popped up.. he slacked and slacked on getting those wart removing band-aids until two weekends ago. He started treating said area with those until the area became painful and tender.. We got a little worried after it had started to swell up like a balloon..apparently, he had a reaction to the meds on the bandaid. We ran over to my dads office for him to look at it and low and behold, not only was he having an allergic reaction but, the spot was infected. After a few cc's of numbing liquid, 20 minutes, and a cyromachine, the spot was frozen and on its way to healing!..thanks daddy! 

 We usually make Saturday nights our date night but since there are no good movies out, we opted for take out Chinese and more movies courtesy of Netflix. 

SUNDAY Was the usual day. J went off to work for a bit, I met my dad for a quick breakfast. When J got home, he showered and got ready and we ran a few quick errands. I spent the rest of the afternoon multitasking between baking and watching the Pats kill the Dolphins. 

Around 630, we moseyed over to our friends house for a Christmas gift exchange and bonfire. This was definitely the best way to end an already stellar weekend! 

Weekends filled with family, friends and good food are my favorite types of weekends! 

Mingle Monday:what is your favorite holiday movie?
I would have to say The Grinch and Elf are pretty high up there but, my absolute favorite is Miracle on 34th Street! 

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  1. Mmm, that sushi looks so good! Sounds like you had a lot of delicious food this weekend! Happy Monday :)

  2. Definitely a productive weekend! Sounds like my kind of Saturday. I'm a huge fan of brunch and mimosas! lol I love Sarasota. My husband is from Bradenton and my inlaws still live there so we come in town every few months but more so now around the holidays.


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