Hello, December

Happy Friday, Dolls! 
It is so crazy to me that there are only 20 more days until Christmas, and 26 until we welcome 2015! I feel like this year has just flown by. I am taking a quick break from the holiday craziness to link up with Karli from September Farm for Oh Hey Friday and April from A. Liz Adventures for 5 on Friday.

This week for the most part was pretty uneventful for us! However, we did get a lot of family time in and well, that makes my heart so happy. 

1.Well, my main man and I stayed up late Sunday night until 3am cyber Monday-ing and accomplished most of my Christmas Shopping. (of course a glass of wine was needed)
After a quick nap,  I spent the rest of the day with J's Grammie Joyce. We took a two hour 'road trip' to Altamonte Springs to go to The Christmas Tree Shop.  After two and a half hours of pursuing, we both walked out of there with two big reusable bags FULL of odds and ends but only spending around $80 each!-SCORE. John also was oh so sweet and treated me to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory when I got back home. 

2.Tuesday I spent my morning at the Nissan dealership getting my car serviced and detailed -snoozefest. I then ran a few errands for my momma then met up with one of our very good family friends for mimosas and lunch! 
I came home and did some housework, took the dogs to the park, and took a nap! When J got home, we got ready and met his Granddad for dinner. We went to Carrabbas then returned to our home for dessert and so that he could see our new place for the first time! We then caught up on a few of our shows and went to sleep. 

3. I have really been into the DIY projects this season! I just started on a new Christmas garland! We have so many ornaments, it is really insane so, I figured I would at least put some of them to good use. It is still a work in progress but, it is coming along. 

4. Just a bit of a mini rant.. I have such an immense amount of love and compassion for all of the pups in John's and my family. It really boggles my mind that some people choose to fight, abuse or neglect there dogs while we spoil ours to death. It is really heartbreaking to hear all the stories from the shelters around our area and yet instead of helping the situation, many people where we live have taken up the 'hobby' of becoming a backyard breeder. It's disgusting. John and I decided that this year for "Giving Tuesday" that we would donate blankets, food, leashes, toys, beds, etc. to two of our local shelters for the animals that don't have the luxury of being spoiled to death. 
My mommas Golden, Gracie 
Our Pups Playing
5.This week was such a fabulous mail week! I am not one for the crazy black friday crowds, traffic or hours and I personally chose this year to not support the stores that were open on Thanksgiving but I am a HUGE online shopper. We received 12 packages in the mail this week! #sorrynotsorry #noshameinmygame I have really taken a fondness to online shopping partially because I don't have to deal with all the people in the stores and also because I get paid to do it! I signed up for ebates last Christmas season and since then, I have gotten $500 back throughout various purchases. This week, most of our gifts to people arrived, Johns presents arrived and two huge boxes from Bath & Body Works arrived!
24 candles. Judge me!

I hope all of you beautiful people have an amazing weekend! Don't forget to link up with the ladies above. 

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  1. I posted this comment already but i guess it didnt go through :(
    I totally agree with shopping at home! I definitely prefer to go that route because it's easier to focus!
    plus you can take all the time you'd like without feeling annoyed at the fact that youve been walking around the same store for xhours lol



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