Laryngitis, I Don't Like You!

Ugh! How AWFUL is it to get sick a week before all the Holiday festivities? Well, this year, I feel victim to Laryngitis but I beat it in three days! Unfortunately, I caused myself to loose my voice by screaming like a child at a concert I went to...yeah. Anyways:

My Tips& Tricks for kicking Laryngitis in the booty!

1. STOP TALKING-Immediately!! Seriously, this is the hardest part but, if you want to get better quick, it is a must. It is a common misconception that whispering is okay...well, it's not! If you have something to say, text it or, write it down. J made fun of me but was a trooper and totally understood. 

2. Liquids. Liquids. Liquids. I am not the biggest drinker but, in the days, I chugged down 20 packets of tea, 160 oz of water and lots of soup! 
Lemon and Honey tea is your best friend. Honey has natural healing elements. The warm tea also comforts and soothes your throat. My favorite flavors are Blueberry Pomegranate, Camomile, and Green Tea. I use 1 1/2 tsp of honey and 1/2 of a lemon per cup! 

3. Do NOT clear your throat! It doesn't matter how badly you feel that you need to, just don't! The action of clearing your throat causes a lot of stress on the vocal chords. 

4. Cough drops! When you are not drinking water or tea, suck on cough drops to keep your throat from getting dry. My favorites are the Ricola  Honey and Lemon with Echinacea. 

Being sick or not having a voice sucks but with a little self discipline and lots of tlc, you can kick it in no time! 

What are some of your sick remedies?

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  1. That's excellent you beat it in 3 days! Nobody has time to be sick during the holidays!!


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