My 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Everyone and anyone that knows me, knows that holidays are my absolute favorite things-ever! I enjoy this time of year because,both of our families get together, I get to give presents and see the look of joy come over my families faces, and it is just an all around great time throughout our households! 
I decided that I would do a Holiday Gift Guide with ideas for husbands/boyfriends, sisters, mommas, dads, and grandparents. This is not a sponsored or advertising post so, keep in mind that these are items that I have personally seen and am picking out for my personal family and friends. 
My Gift List
-John's Parents
-John's Brothers (16&18)
-John's Grandparents
-John's Grandparents
-John's Grandparents
I will be doing three posts dividing the categories starting on Tuesday. I hope you enjoy! 
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