Oh Hello Weekend+ {GIVEAWAY!}

Hey dolls! As usual, I am linking up this Friday with Karli at September Farm for Oh Hey Friday and April at A. Liz Adventures for 5 of Friday!

I hope all of you have had fabulous weeks! Mine was uneventful for the most part. 
1. I spent all of monday like this: 
in bed. snuggled with the pups. watching frozen and christmas movies. sick. it was awful! I had a horrible migraine to the point where I felt nauseous and I had a 103* fever. It was some freak 24 hr thing because by Tuesday morning, I was good as new! 
2. The pictures from J's work party last weekend were posted.. I think we're pretty cute! 
I wore two of the items I received in a StitchFix before I swore off of them- the denim jacket and the striped maxi. Not exactly the most festive of Christmas Party outfits but, that was kind of the overall choice for everyone. 
3. I am completely done with our Christmas shopping for this year. The cards have all been sent out. Everything is wrapped. I am impressed with myself! haha Every year I slack and slack but this year I was determined to change that. 
4. Let's have a little TV chat. I was so so so excited for this week and have been waiting for this week since summer! Switched at Birth, The Fosters, and Pretty Little Liars all had their Christmas specials! Boy oh boy do I love all three of those shows...Also, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was on Thursday...did you watch? Well, I did while drowning my sorrows in peppermint chip ice cream and a large glass of pinot grigio. 
because, perfection.
5.I kind of copped out on dinner every night this week haha! I am typically a 'two course and two sides' at every dinner kinda girl-well I just didn't have it in me this week:
Monday: Dinner with John's Grandparents at Outback
Tuesday: Two 'Pot' Million Dollar Spaghetti
Wednesday: Shephard's Pie courtesy of John's fabulous grammie
Thursday: Tailgate Sandwhiches-because yum! & left overs.
Friday: Dinner out with my parents and J at Olive Garden. 
This is totally not my style but, I guess everyone needs a break sometimes! On the plus side, we did an awesome job eating most of the leftovers instead of wasting them (we are very bad about that).  

bubs at his favorite place, the dog park!

Happy Friday loves! Link up with the rockstars above and enjoy your weekend.
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  1. Oh no! Sorry you weren't feeling well this week, but Frozen and puppy cuddles are always the perfect sick day! The PLL Christmas special killed me! Love Mona! And still totally obsessed with Taylor's sparkly dress from last year's VS show! Gorgeous! Happy Friday!

    <3, Pamela

  2. I really like posts like this and I challenge you for BlogPhotoVlog post :P :) Hope you will do that :) It's like vlog on youtube but in photos and on blogger :) I would like to see your day :)

    Kissses <3

    Visit me: Kapege life moments :)

  3. So jealous all your Christmas shopping is done! I only have a few more people to shop for!

  4. Sorry you were sick but I'm glad it didn't last long-enjoy the weekend!

  5. What an awesome giveaway! Hope your feeling better. Love your blog, found it on the link up.

  6. You combine the two link ups too!!! So do I! Have a great week!


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