Out With the Turkeys...

Here Come The Snowmen!

Hi Hi Hi! I could not be anymore thrilled for this post so, I am going to go ahead and jump right in!
In our house, we celebrate Thanksgiving around 1pm with a big meal, veg out and watch the Thanksgiving game and take down the Thanksgiving and fall decor then put the Christmas decor up all before 11pm when the Black Friday craziness starts! This, again, is our first Christmas together in a place that is ours so, we have been having fun thinking of new traditions to start and ways that we want to decorate and have things done for different holidays. 
Here is what we did this year: 

Our Holiday Traditions
1. Thanksgiving night after the meal and our naps, we will pack all the Autumn decor away and bring out the Christmas boxes. We will put on a Christmas movie, this year, it was The Holiday and start decorating. 

2. We spend each Saturday night before Christmas making and baking different types of cookies. On Sunday mornings, we will go downtown and hand them out to the homeless, random people, and drop by a few friends houses to surprise them. 

3. Christmas Eve, we wear matching Pjs, make Nutella hot cocoa, and watch Polar Express. We will open our stockings then camp out in the living room. 

How do you decorate for the holidays? What are some of your traditions?
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  1. love your festive decor. Everything makes the house look so homie and welcoming.

  2. If your Santas ever need a babysitter, they'd fit right in at my house! And the feather trees are super awesome!

  3. Mmm nutella hot cocoa sounds ahhhmazing! Love the Polar Express - the guy that wrote the book is actually from my hometown :) Your decor looks so great, too!


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