Stitch Fix, We are taking a break

Hi Dolls! 
What is StitchFix?
StitchFix is an online clothing store and personal styling service. For a $20 styling fee (which is taken out when your Fix ships), you can have five personally selected pieces shipped right to your door. These pieces are selected by your personal stylist, who carefully reviews a "style profile" that you create. The $20 will be credited towards whatever pieces you decided to keep from your Fix. Things that you don't want are placed in a pre-paid mailer and sent back. 
When you "check out" online after receiving your fix, you tell them which items you are keeping and give detailed reviews of each item to help better your next fix. It will ask you what you liked/didn't like about the fit, style, and pattern. 
I started using StitchFix in August and I think it is a great concept! However, my last few fixes have been total duds and the $20 per box is starting to add up especially since I am sending almost all the items back. 
This is my last and final fix-at least for a while.

Floral Crop Top-$48.00 Way too small/not my style

Tribal Tank-$42.00 Too Small

Striped Maxi-$58.00 Very Simple. Have many like it

I have no idea. I felt like an infant in a ballet outfit $52.00

Pleated Midi Skirt-$68.00
I have to say, I am a little irritated because they encourage you to send them feedback. I have the last few times and nothing I have said has been taken into account. I changed my sizes and what I was looking for and none of that showed in my box. Like I said, I am a fan of StichFix and I think that it is an awesome concept but, I think that there are a few kinks that need to be addressed.  
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