Adoption Story Sunday {Pt. 2}

Hi! Welcome back to my Adoption Story Sunday Series 

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this week is all about how I felt as "an adopted kid". I know of some kids who didn't find out they were adopted until they were 18 years old and applying for college. I on the other hand knew when I was the ripe age of 3.

The reaction of finding out you're adopted has the potential to go:
a. horribly
2. fantastically 
3. unsure

well,  like I said for me, I put it together when I was 3 and in the bath tub while my mom was doing my hair.

We were practicing my letters and colors..the conversation went a bit like this:

Mom: ok Sarah, what is this color (pointing to the yellow big bird)
Sarah: umm YELLOW! Big Bird is Yellow!
Mom: very good sweetheart...what color is this (pointing to the black and white zebra)
Sarah: it's black...and white! 
M: is the black on top of the white or is the white on top of the black?
S: Momma they are next to each other like this (showing her next to with my hands) 
S: mommy..? why am I chocolate flavor and you are um..well you look like a cookie color but not brown like me?

yes ladies and gentleman, at three years old I asked "the question". 

M: well baby girl, you were adopted.. a lot of babies grow in their mommy's tummies but you grew in our hearts (yes, my mom was that cheesy mom) and then we picked you up at the hospital
S: oh. ummm mommy, can I have some ice cream?

So, yes, obviously I had no clue what my momma was talking about but, from then on, my mom would read us stories, talk to us, etc. It was never a secret in our household or family. We literally had EVERY adopted kid children book made. 

My sister and I had fully understood it and accepted it by the time I reached 3rd/4th grade but the other children at our school definitely did not. 

Not to knock private schools at all but, the one we were attending at the time was just like you see in the movies:mean catty girls, lots of money, very stuck up parents, and it was just like Keeping Up With The Jones' it. was. awful. they did not react well to Megan and I being "different".  And some of the parents certainly had their fair share of nasty comments to make towards my mom for adopting "charity cases". 

It only took my 6 year old sister throwing sand in a kids mouth, me pouring water on throwing water on another girl, my mom ripping the director a new one...four times.. and my dad raising hell at a PTA meeting for the point to get across to everyone-parents, teachers and students that we were not different and we didn't need to be segregated because we were two of the three African American/Bi Racial children at the school..but by that time, my parents pulled us from that school and put us somewhere where we were not always singled out or called awful names.

It is really sad that even to this day some people are still so ignorant and can't except that families are not defined by blood and they don't have to match. You would think that in 2016, it would be a non-issue but we still see nasty looks or get rude comments. Even John and I will sometimes get odd looks. Like WHY?!

at the end of the day, we are all happy so to the people that can't accept that, look away I guess!


  1. I went to a mean girls type school so I feel ya! I am so happy your story was a great one. My sister is considering adopting now that she has two kiddos and I have a special place in my heart for it as well. Maybe one day :)

  2. Oh my gosh! I read a little bit of this yesterday and have been dying to get a free chance to read both posts and to actually comment. People are so ignorant, and it sucks you had to go through all of the mean people, the unnecessary stares all of that just because you have white parents. But I'm glad you are who you are! You are the sweetest person ever! Seriously! I think it's pretty awesome you were adopted, and I'm happy that your parents were able to become parents. I really want to adopt myself, so I think it's totally awesome! And PS, I loooove the bathtub story! So adorable!


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