Adoption Story Sunday {Pt. 3}

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I am back with the third installment of Adoption Story Sunday
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So, it is no secret that adoption is a beautiful thing but, it can come with a lot of uncertainty and unanswered questions. Depending on how and when you find out, it can even be traumatic. Luckily for me, my parents were always super open and honest with me so it was a pretty smooth process.

A closed adoption means that no last names are disclosed to either party. If any contact is made, it must be done through the adoption agency-ie, if pictures are sent, they get sent to the agency, repackaged, and the agency will send them to the other party. 

This is a legally binded agreement put in place until the adopted child turns 21. 

To be honest, I now like that I am adopted.. I went through a phase when I was being bullied that I hated it but, once I got a little wiser I realized what a special bond it creates within our family. 

Of course I had and have questions about my history and some have been answered and others haven't but, I am okay with that because I have the best family backing me up the whole way. 

Frequently Asked Questions I Get About Adoption

Q: How old were you when you were adopted?
A: I was a mere three days old!

Q: Do you know about your birth mother? Birth father?
A: I know the basics about my birth mother. I know absolutely nothing about my birth father and I am okay with that. 

Q: Have you met your "real parents"?
A: Well, of course! I see them everyday. My BIRTH parents however, no I have not. I have no desire to. Not because I resent them but because I believe that that is a door that I do not need to open. My sister on the other hand wants to meet her birth parents very badly and I support her the whole way. 

Q: Is is weird having parents that are white?
A: I kid you not, I have answered this question so many times and each time I feel it is just more and more ignorant. It was never "weird" having parents of a different race and quite honestly, I didn't even realize it was a 'thing' until my sister and I were bullied for it. Meg and I were constantly called "charity cases" in grade school. The only personal challenge we faced in our family was that my poor little momma had no idea how to tame African American hair! 

Q: Do you have any full blooded brothers or sisters?
A: It has been said that I have a half brother but no full siblings. 

Q: Why did your parents adopt?
A: There are a few reasons, most that are not my place to put on the internet but the most important: my parents felt like they were missing something in their hearts. 

Q: What are your thoughts on your birth parents.
A: First and foremost, I am really very thankful that they decided to give me up for adoption. However, my birth mother was scared to put anything "negative" down on my adoption papers such as medical issues out of the fear that I wouldn't be adopted. Lucky for me, I was adopted by a doctor and a nurse. My parents tried over and over again to assure her that nothing she said would make them not want me but she stuck to her "no known medical issues" and well, thats a crock of ---- so that is frustrating. What is worse is that on my 21st birthday when she could legally contact me, she managed to and all she said was that if i wanted to learn my medical history I would have to form a relationship with her...
1. haha NO! not that worried about it. 
2. She is clearly not someone I need in my life if she is going to give me ultimatums. #byefelica

Q: Do you feel like part of you is missing?
Not one bit. My parents have done a bangin job making me feel just like their child. 

Q: Would you adopt?
100% yes. I would ultimately like to have one or two children of my own and then adopt one or two more. 

Thank you for following my adoption story series and taking a bit of a more personal look into my life! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below or contact me privately at


  1. Loved reading your story and background of adoption. Adoption has always intrigued me and is something I have always considered but have never researched it enough to know all the details. Your parents sound amazing!

  2. Yeah, not the coolest of questions to ask...if it's weird having parents of a different race. But hahaha on her not knowing what to do with dat hair! Poor thing! I'm the only one with curly hair in my family...had to figure it out all on my own! Thanks for doing this series. It's literally so awesome. Love hearing (well reading) your story!

  3. I loved reading this and I love your answer to the question have you ever met your real parents ... made me smile!

  4. I loved your story. You are part of a beautiful family. I would like to say that although you think some questions are ignorant, I believe that people ask many of these questions because they are truly interested in you and how you felt or how you reacted to some of these moments. Thank you so much for sharing your story.


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