Comin' Atcha Bright and Early

Good Morning lovelies! I hope each and everyone of you had a fabulous weekend!

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Friday I got to meet up with a few of my favorites. We started the morning off with a 3.5 mile walk around the rowing park and then finished with lunch..and wine... at Bonefish (hey, I got a salad to keep up with the healthy-ness of walking!) When J got home we were super fun adults wicked boring college students and did homework for three hours...I do have to say though, that I am pretty proud of us. We finished our first 'clean eating' week out strong with a big steak salad with homemade avocado cilantro vinaigrette and baked/sweet potatoes!

Also, because my body likes to think of sleeping as more of a suggestion than a necessity, I was up until 330 watching movies with the fur-man while my other man was sleepin'! We watched Frozen, Blended, and Wedding Crashers. We saw blended in theaters and I forgot how absolutely adorable it is! 

On Saturday, I went to breakfast with some of our close family friends and ended up spending a good part of the day with them running errands. Around 3pm, it turned into "take your girlfriend to work" day and it was actually really fun. J picked me up on his way to Tampa for a work stop. We went to this huge restaurant warehouse place and it was pretty neat to see everything they had there and it was cool to see him explain things to me and be so passionate about it. When we got back, we met my parents for dinner at Carrabbas..cheat day! And again, finished with movies!

On Sunday, I met my dad for breakfast and finished packing. John and I then took our hounds over to his grandmothers for a playdate with their pups and had a great time catching up. We then ran a few errands and came home to, of course, watch our Patriots take on the Colts...AND WE WON!!!!

I hope you all have fabulous weeks! By the time you see this, I will be high in the sky on my way to...

DISNEYLAND! Have a great week! I will be returning on Friday! 


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Have fun at Disney!

  2. What a great weekend! Have a great time at Disney!! :)

  3. Sounds like a great weekend. PS my body is like yours with the sleep thing ugh!

  4. I've been seeing your FB posts! Disneyland looks AWESOME! WEEEEE! And I'm proud of you guys for the clean-eating. Roger and I are doing that...basically. We are eating things that are as little processed as possible. Trying to be healthier, and hopefully shed some of these newlywed pounds. Haha. Sounds like an awesome weekend. Here's to another one! YAY!


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