DIY: Garden Stones

With a little trial and error, I managed to knock out a few Christmas gifts in 2 hours! 
I am a very big DIY person and I tend to prefer to give gifts that I have made along with a few that we have bought. 
John's grandmother is a huge gardener and has mentioned wanting some new stones for her garden area. I found this tutorial on Pinterest for DIY step stones. I will tell you though, it did not work for me. I spent 4 hours one Sunday with this tutorial only for it to turn out as an "Pinterest fail'! I will admit, I was very discouraged and almost gave up but, with 1 or 2 glasses bottles of wine and encouraging words from that sweet man of mine, I started again and they turned out great! 
(shocker, I didn't take any "during" pictures but, give me a break, J was at work and I was covered in cement)
Here is what you will need:
-foil round cake pan [3 for $1]
-rubber gloves [$0.97]
-vaseline [$1.06]
-sander [2 for $3.47]
-a bucket [$1.06]
-sea glass/marbles/vase filler/old plates/tiles/etc. [$15.83]
-marine varnish [$5.64]
-concrete mix (we bought a 10lb bag) [13.97]
-drop cloth [$0.99]

Lets Get Started:
1. Unfold and lay out your drop cloth
2. Put on a rubber glove and apply the vaseline to the insides of your cake pan. I did 3 pans at a time.
3. Sort through your stones and such and create fun patterns or designs.
4. Mix the concrete in the bucket per the instructions for the smallest amount. 
5. Pour the concrete mix 3/4 the way into the pan. Quickly and carefully drop your stones and gems into place.
6. Set aside and continue to the next one.
7. Leave the cake pans alone for 24 hours when they will be fully set. 
8.Carefully stretch the cake pans out, flip the stone over so the design side on on your palm and remove it from the pan.
9. Sand down any sharp edges.
10. Wash the stones in hot water with dawn dish soap and rubbing alcohol to remove any excess vaseline.
11. Spray with two coats of marine varnish. 
12. Let dry for another 8 hours and then place in your garden! 

1. Coat the pan heavily with the vaseline-this will prevent the concrete from sticking.
2. Start with the smallest amount of concrete mix you can make-you can always make more but you are in trouble if you make too much before you are able to use it. We did 4 cups cement to 1 cup of water-made 1 pan of mix. 
3. Once all the stones are in place, lightly push down on all of them so they are all evenly in the cement
4. If you are doing this alone, DO NOT try to fill 2+ pans of cement at the same time. Even if you think you will be quick enough to do two designs before it sets, you will not be.
Total time to make 17 stones: 3 hours
Cost: $43.99
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  1. Wow, those look awesome!! You would probably pay a lot more than that if you were buying 17 of those from the store, and this way you can do whatever design you want! Love it!!

  2. Love these! I love you can make any design you want!

  3. Those are so pretty! What a cute idea!

  4. They are beautiful girl! Great idea and wonderful gifts!


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