That One Weekend Our A/C Broke..

Ha. Yeah that's right.. the first weekend of the New Year and our thermostat read "82 degrees".. Now, for some in the beginning of January, this may not be a problem but, we live in Sarasota, FL and it was in the 80's all weekend...
but, we will come back to this...
so, on Friday, I spent the day thrift shopping for several pieces including a patio table and a hutch. I didn't find exactly what I needed but, I did find one piece I can start getting crafty with. I saw this table:

at Marshall's the other day and fell completely in love with it..however, it retailed for $289(without chairs) yeah I don't think so. This is what fueled my fire to start kicking off my 2015 DIY projects. I decided that I would make my own table for 1/3 of the price. I found this table below for $10 and all the materials I picked up for $45.. this is a $55 project!

I basically spent the rest of the day sanding down the table and prepping it to paint. We spent the night in with takeout from Outback and movies. 

Saturday I woke up and it felt a little warm in the house so I went to the thermostat and turned it down without looking or really even paying attention. I put a coat of paint on the table then headed out for a run before lunch with my momma. 

When I came home, I started doing housework and catching up on some of my favorite blogs. When J got home, we watched a bit of one of the playoff games before I retired to the bedroom to read one of the books I started and to do some yoga. We decided that we should eat at some point so, we had an all out binge session from our favorite sports bar..a smorgasbord of potato skins, mild wings, chicken parm sub and a caesar who? well, at least there was a salad in there...

and finally, there's Sunday. Babes woke up early to run over to the warehouse and I made myself a juice.. it was then that I looked over because it was a freakin' sauna in our house. I called John and told him what was going on..when he came home we saw this:
Solid Ice

He spent the next hour with my hair dryer up against it trying to thaw it out. Our saving grace is that we are renters..therefore, the cost of a new unit will not fall on us. However, we will have to fight to get a new one because this is the fourth time since November that this has happened. Anyways, I snuck out of the hotbox for a few hours to join J's grandmother, Joyce, his aunt and cousin for lunch at Chipotle followed by a Target trip. J stayed back with the A/C and the rest of the playoff games. When I got home, I worked on the table a bit more and went to the dog park with Yodaman and we went for a short run. As usual, we finished the night at dinner with my family. When we got home, it was at least down to 70 degrees. 

It wasn't the most fun weekend I have ever had but it was a decent one. Thank God the boy is semi handy because I totally freaked out when I saw the A/C unit covered in ice! I hope you all had a great weekend. Link up with these fabulous babes below!
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  1. Gah!! No fun at all! So glad that you guys won't have to pay for it - that would be a serious pain starting the new year off that way!

  2. oh that sucks your AC broke cause this was a warm weekend! Can't wait to see how your table turns out!

  3. Major bummer about your A/C, but good thing you won't have to pay for it! So jealous you can get Chipotle whenever.. we don't have one closer than an hour from us!

  4. Ugh so sorry this happened! I hate when things like that go wrong but I'm glad it didn't put a damper on your day too much :)

  5. Oh no!!! At least it didn't break in the dead of summer. Mine did that a few years ago, it was horrible! But mine didn't freeze over like that. That is crazy! Do they know why it keeps doing that? Sorry to hear your weekend wasn't the greatest but hopefully next weekend is better!

  6. YESSS to all of the food. No to the A/C. Yes to running everyday :)
    I really love your writing style, how one thing just flows to next...very effortless.

  7. Our AC has us stressing too right now. Sadly we own our house so that's all on us. Home ownership is so overrated :( I can't wait to see how the table comes out!

  8. NOOOOO!!!!! Hahaha. I saw that block of ice girl....daaaaang! That sucks, but yeah, good thing you are renters! Excited about your DIY table project! Looks awesome!!!!

  9. I have never seen an A/C vent iced up like that! Totally sucks... I can take the cold, where you can bundle up... cannot even deal with the heat- especially at bed time. I hope it gets fixed soon! Or the temps have dropped a little down there, since it's only about 60 in Tallahassee!

  10. Oh wow. 82 degrees. It’s a good thing you guys found the problem quickly; otherwise, it would’ve been one long, hot weekend. Anyway, I hope that they repaired or replaced that thing by now, so you guys can stay comfortable inside your home. Good luck, and good day to you both!

    Randall Rogers @ R.J. Mechanical

  11. That was just one problem after another with your AC. I do hope they were able to repair it as soon as possible, or replace the unit if need be. Anyway, I hope your AC problems are a thing of the past. Good day!

    Peter Wilson @ Rumpca Services

  12. Yikes! It’s really frustrating when something breaks when you needed it the most. It’s a good thing that you found the problem and had it repaired soon after. By the way, I would love to see what you’ve done with that patio table project. Anyway, thanks for sharing with us, Sarah Emily! :)

    Lane Pemberton @ Metcalfe Heating & Air Conditioning


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