A Weekend of Love

Happy Monday little love birds! I hope each and everyone of you had a fabulous weekend spoiling and pampering yourself or with your significant other! I have to say, I am really not the biggest Valentine's Day fan but, I was pleasantly surprised this year. I am linking up with Bella from Weekend Recap and Meg from Mingle Monday to fill you in on my weekend! 

Friday was the day of babies. I babysat from 12pm to 1am for a family that I just absolutely adore. The children are such love bugs and I adore being there. With that, there is not much to recap haha. 

Bring on Saturday, every morning, John calls me when he leaves the warehouse and starts his route. I was exhausted as I didn't get home until 145 after babysitting and I didn't end up falling asleep until 315am so, this 715am phone call came early! Anyways, he called and asked "are you thristy"..as in go to the kitchen, I walked in the kitchen and there rested my Valentine's Day part 1, a bear, card (with the sweetest message ever) and turtles..aka my fav! He then requested me to stay home and relax until I received a second present. As confused as I was, I agreed and laid back down. Around 11am, a knock was at the door which brought a delicious edible bouquet...yum! Then, babes came home around 330 and I had his gifts all ready and sitting on the corner of the island and he presented me with the ring below..now, before you get all excited, it is not an engagement ring but a promise ring that "he is committed to me and our relationship and wants a long lasting future with me. It is also a promise that he plans to propose to me "sooner rather than later". I completely bawled. 
We finished out night with dinner at a local restaurant about 20 minutes away. We indulged in sweet breads with red rock prawns, goat cheese with tomato relish, beef tenderloin and scallop stuffed salmon. We also had chocolate pear bread pudding and a ginger caramel creme for dessert but... we ate those way to fast to get a picture! 
Finally, on Sunday, J ran into work for a bit then we snuggled while watching Mean Girls. We then ran out to the mall to window shop and grab lunch. When we returned home, we watched some more random tv and I got to give J a 'spa treatment'..he loved it. We then did homework and finished the night with Gone Girl and homemade chicken and broccoli stirfry! 

I hope you all had fabulous weekends! Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. I'm so excited for you to have your promise ring, that sounds so sweet & so thoughtful!
    Also, I'm lovin' the picture of him receiving his "spa treatment", he actually looks like he's enjoying it! I wonder if I could get C to do that...lol

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  2. Aww so sweet, he did good! Hahaha love the picture of him getting his spa treatment, looks like he enjoyed it!

  3. Looks like an amazing weekend, and gorgeous promise ring <3

  4. All the food looks so delicious! Congrats on the promise ring!!

  5. OH MY GOSH!!!!! I was totally scrolling through your blog and saw the pic of the ring, and was like: SHE IS ENGAGED AND I TOTALLY MISSED IT!!!! #worstbloggingbudever. Haha. Well it is a gorgeous ring! BUT I'm glad I didn't miss your "engagement" by a whole day! Haha. Looks like an awesome weekend. John is such a sweet guy!!!

  6. Gorgeous ring girl and I love the promise he made :) What a great weekend!


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