DIY: BoozeBouquet!

Hey dolls! 
My not so baby, baby sister turned 21 in December-ahh! I was trying to think of a creative gift (more so than throwing a bottle of wine in a bag) and I came across a BoozeBouquet on Pinterest. I fell in love with this idea. It is just what it sounds like.. a bouquet of different alcohols!  
What You Will Need
-a container/bucket (I picked a planter because Meg loves gardening)
-several foam pieces to fill in the bottom of the container
-mini alcohol bottles (I used liquor and wine) 
-1-2 full sized bottles 
-extra little gifts (koozies, tumblers, snacks, advil, etc
-kraft shread for filling the container
-hot glue gun
-wooden dowels
-a cute helper! 

1. Start filling the bottom of the container you chose with the foam so the wooden dowels have something to go into 

2. Fluff out and place the kraft shred into the bucket on top of the foam. 

3. Start glueing the dowels onto the bottoms of the bottles. I started with just a little dot then built it up around the sticks. 

4. Make sure your helper is still there! 

5. Start placing the wooden dowels into the foam-do not push down on the bottles..push down on the dowels. 

6. Place the rest of the items in the bucket however you wish

7. Decorate the bucket or tie a ribbon around it! 

Happy Crafting!
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  1. I've just started making one for my husband for valentines day! I think they are so cool:)

  2. What an adorable (and crafty!) gift idea! I love all of the little details and it came together perfectly - definitely pinning this one! xoxo, - M @ The Sequin Notebook

  3. haha best sister ever? What 21 year old would not want this?!

  4. What a great idea! I like how it turned out. My oldest daughter turns 21 in April. I may have to make something like this for her.

  5. Ok, I don't drink, but that is a legit basket!!! That is so awesome! You really are an amazing sister! I think I sent my sis something she asked for...ha!


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