DIY Valentine's Day Gift Ideas+ {GIVEAWAY}

Good morning dolls! 
I don't know about you but, I am not the biggest fan of Valentine's Day. I don't believe that one day should be singled out for people to show that they love their significant other in over the top ways. I also however, feel that when you are in a relationship, it isn't one of those things that you can just skip. 

John and I have been dating for two years now. We came to the agreement that instead of being over the top, we would each make something for the other to show our love and appreciation in observance of the the holiday-especially since we are always spoiling each other on other random days. 

Here are five thoughtful, easy, and creative DIY projects that I think would make the perfect V-Day gift! 

1. The ____ Things I Love About You Jar

This is what I made for J last year. It is super simple but very heartfelt. 

You Will Need:
-a mason jar with lid
-construction paper

You Will Do:
1. with your scissors,  start cutting out various sized heart shapes-big enough to write on but small enough to fit in the jar-I ended up making 112. 
2. start writing things that you love about your significant other on the heart cut outs-anything from a physical feature, to a habit, to a trait they possess. 
3. when you have all of your hearts completed, start stuffing the jar. 
4. place the lid on and tie a ribbon around the lip. 

When I gave this to J, I placed it in a gift bag with tissue paper, a picture of us, and a $15 gift card to dunkin' donuts. 

2. DIY Shadow Box Frame
You Will Need
-an unfinished shadow box frame ($3-$15 at Hobby Lobby)
-acrylic paint
-paint brushes
-sand paper 
hot glue gun
-scrapbook clips/pins
-picture(s) of you 
-old ticket stubs/paper souvenirs, etc. 

You Will Do
1. sand down the outside wooden part of the frame to remove any splinters
2. with your color of choice, paint the frame as you wish. I chose black and yellow for J's for the Boston Bruins
3. Let dry for 24 hours
4. Once dry, cut the card stock to fit the back of the frame. also, you may want to jazz up your souvenirs so, you can cut card stock and mount the tickets on to it with modge podge
5. start placing things where you want them..I used scrap book sized clothes pins so we can change the pictures out. 
6.with the hot glue gun, glue the pictures or clips into place. 
7. arranged the tickets/souvenirs at the base of the frame. 
8. seal the back on, wrap, and gift! 
this is the one I made last year.

3. DIY Love Coupons
this gift can be as silly or as intimate as you make it!
You Will Need
one hole punch

You Will Do
1. layer two different colors of cardstock together with the lighter color on top. 
2. write what your coupon is good for: (breakfast in bed, a new sports team shirt, dinner at a place of your choice, etc)
3. decorate as you choose and repeat with more
4.when done (I did 24) hole punch each one and thread through ribbon

4. True Life Love Story
Walmart and Target both offer a photo book making service at a super reasonable price ($9.50)
upload your pictures to their site and create a photo book of memories with your significant other. Use funny quotes, inside jokes, etc. Mine was ready within an hour of submitting it. 

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What do you do for the special someone in your life?


  1. Woohoo!!! I love giveaways! YAY! And ps, love the Val-Day craft gift ideas! I do love Valentine's Day, but I feel you! It def shouldn't be the only day you're trying to show your significant other that you love them! That's everyday! BUT as I love being spoiled, even in small ways, I love this day! Haha. Actually, my love for this day comes from how my mom always made it a special day for us with candy and a nice meal. We always knew our parents loved us, but it was always a special memory every year!

  2. These are such fun ideas! I like gifts like this much better than just buying something at the store, so much thought and care goes into them!

  3. We have a jar like that that we do all year round and we love it! Such a great idea for Valentines day!

  4. What a cute gift! Love fun ideas.


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