Florida, You're Cold!

Alright you North-Easterners I fully understand that Florida is not nearly as cold as it is up there...and we don't have snow but for Florida, brrrrr! I am totally bundled up with a heated blanket, uggs and coffee! Anyways, lets get on with the celebration of F R I D A Y!

1. so, its no secret that I have been Disney-crazed lately so we took the leap and became passholders! This actually happened in January but I finally got my passholder magic band this week! So, to celebrate, that is where we will be this weekend! Being a passholder makes so much sense if you are a FL resident as you save so much in the long run, you get discounts on parking, merchandise, and food plus discounts on rooms! I am so excited to plan lots and lots of future Dis-trips!

2. We had a family dinner with Johns family on Tuesday. We went to Carrabbas and it was a blast. The conversations went over everything from school to work to music to horses to strip clubs to family bashing to movies and traveling. I completely adore this family and am so lucky and happy to be a part of it. 

3. My momma and I met for lunch yesterday at Seasons 52 which turned into a two and a half hour talk sesh complete with a bottle of wine Jam Jar White Blend, highly recommended! Nothing better than some mommy-daughter bonding! 

4. Shout out to Emily Brand from Martini's&Bikinis for her amazing crockpot ribs with sweet potato recipe! I made a few small changes but they turned out amazingly! 

5. My little co-pilots and I are out and about running errands on this chilly day! I am glad I was too lazy to take chlobear to get shaved earlier this week because she would be shivering! #prostobeinglazy 

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and stay warm! 

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  1. YES I agree, way too cold for FL! I mean I know we have it reaaally mild compared to up north but we are not used to this! That is so cool that you are a passholder for Disney now, how fun!

  2. Brr, it's cold here in the Bahamas as well! We just moved from Tampa, FL to Nassau late last year and I always looked forward to the cold weather after sweating out the majority of the hot, humid year in Florida!
    How fun! I wanted to be pass holders, but for a family of four, it was not within our budgets. We were thankful for the times we did go to Disney. Magic Kingdom and Epcot are my favorites!

  3. Say it aint so! Do you guys even own cold weather clothes?! Ha I'm from California and my cold weather wardrobe is slim

  4. Girl I totally understand. I don't know what's been going on with this Florida weather but I am so ready for it to be warm again! #sorrynotsorry

  5. So jealous that you're at Disney this weekend!! Hope the weather wasn't too chilly for you! :)

  6. Awww... your co-pilots are the cutest! And I'm just a teensy-tiny little bit jealous of how close you are to Disney! I think that it's awesome that you've become a passholder! I hope you had a wonderful time this weekend!

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  7. Ahhh I am so jelly of all Floridians for being so close to Disney and most having annual passes. LOL I'd be there every weekend! Stay warm!!


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