Mickey's and Minnie's and Donald's Oh Boy!

I have sucked at blogging lately.. like bad and for that, I apologize. I have seriously been so busy with school and work and John's family has been in town so it has been kinda crazy around here!

Anyways, last week, I left on Tuesday morning for Walt Disney World with John's family. We left at 6am and came back Thursday night at 5pm. We did the four parks, downtown, two shows, and we drank around the world. It was a complete blast and I am so thankful for any and every chance that I get to spend with his family.

On Friday, Jeff, Emily and I decided to take a quick trip up to the Florida State Fair. The people watching and of course, the food were definitely on point! We indulged in roasted corn on the cob, ribbon fries covered in bacon and cheese, chocolate covered bacon, strawberry shortcake, fried oreos, fried resses, and fried zucchini and mushrooms...holy fried!

Saturday started out awfully. Kathy, John's Aunt and Emily, his cousin, had a flight out of Tampa at 1030 am. Tampa is about an hour away so, John's grandmother and I planned to leave by 8 to get them there on time. On my way to her house, I stopped for gas. When I was done pumping, my car would not turn over. Thankfully, it was a cool day out because I had both furbabes in the car with me. I called his grandmother right away and let her know what was going on so they weren't waiting on me. AAA only took two and a half hours to get to me... mind you, again, it was 730 am when this happened...how many car issues can happen at that hour..on a Saturday?! The not-so-nice AAA guy said that my battery had died and it was just under the proper amount of voltage to turn over. He jumped me then I headed straight to the Nissan dealership. Thankfully, my car is only 1 1/2 years old so the battery was covered under warranty. 

After this pretty crappy start, my day turned for the better. On my way home from Nissan, I decided to stop and get my car washed..I pulled in and was talking to the lady who informed me that the guy in front of me paid for my wash as a 'pay it forward' type of a thing. I was completely astonished. I finished running errands then came home to cuddle with the pups. J and I decided to have a date night with dinner and a movie. We saw The Loft...I wasn't a fan. 

On Sunday, J and I took a "date day" trip up to the fair as he wasn't able to go on Friday. We again indulged in some of the worst awful food we could find and it was fabulous. We returned home to cuddle, watch movies and then question the choices of the 2015 Grammy Producers. I was not overly thrilled!

Well, that is my weekend story. I hope you all have fabulous weeks and don't forget to link up with these beauties:Bella from Weekend Recap and Meg from Mingle Monday

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