The Boyfriend Chronicles {Pt. 1: You Met How?!}

So, I don't know if it is just me or if this is a 'normal' thing but, I adore reading about other people's relationships so, I decided to start a little mini-series called "The Boyfriend Chronicles"sharing our story together! 

This is John circa 1994. adorable, right? He now is 26 and a New England native, Georgetown, Massachusetts, to be exact. He moved down to Florida in 2007. It was an unplanned move of sorts but it worked out in my favor as he happens to be my boyfriend now! 

The first picture he ever sent me.

So I would love to say that we have some super funny, romantic movie type, quirky story of how we met but, we don't. We actually met online-judge us if you must. 
So, yes, we met online. I know literally everyone says this but, I had an account on there because, at the time I was working overnights at a hotel and my coworker met the guy she was seeing at the time on there and so we made my account together one night. I wasn't hopeful and didn't put much thought into it. I ended up going on 2 dates before I almost deleted my profile..they were NIGHTMARES anyways, one night while I was at work, John messaged me on there. Our conversation started "normally" with the same questions back and forth but, it lasted almost all night. The next day, he messaged me again asking if I'd want to go out to dinner one night. 

From then on, we started hanging out more and more between different sporting events, dinner, and movies. For the longest time, we would either avoid the "how did you meet" question or we may or may not have lied and said that we met through friends. 
We finally talked about it and decide to stop avoiding it and to just own it. Online dating does have a bad rap but, it worked for us. 

 J made it official on June 28, 2013-(flowers included) He's a pretty stellar guy and I am a pretty happy girl! 

How did you and your significant other meet?


  1. So cute! I tried online dating once, but I didn't have any luck. I met KC by chance, on a street corner in Las Vegas while out partying with some girlfriends! Very random, but so happy it happened. :)

  2. Too sweet Sarah. I think a lot of couples meet online these days, they may (like you) just not come right out and admit it. I love the starbucks ecard, haha.

    I love reading relationship, "how we met", posts as well!

  3. I love reading these posts as well! So cute!


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