A Few of Our Favorite Things: The Dog Edition

this post is written in collaboration with Chewy. The Merrick dog treats and Kong balls were sent to us to review. All comments and opinions are my own and 100% honest. 

Hi! This is Yoda and Chloe and our mom is letting us take over Coffee&Glitter today! If you don't know about us yet, well, 1. you must be living under a rock because our parents are obsessed with us and talk about us all the time 2. you can meet us more formally here

As we said before, we are pretty much a big deal in our house and we get spoiled daily with cuddles, toys, treats, and activities. We wanted to share some of our favorite things with you and maybe you can try them out with your furry ones! 

Dog Bowls/Food/Collar
Bowtie/Treats/Kong Balls

1. Our momma is a monogram queen. She says "if it isn't monogrammed, is it really even yours??" so naturally, we have personalized dog bowls!

2. Because we were both underweight dogs, mom is really big on making sure we eat really good food. We have tried several different brands but right now, we are loving Blue Buffalo's Chicken and Wild Rice formula..we get way excited for breakfast and dinner!

3&4. Mom likes us to look fabulous at all times so, if we are not rockin' our Patriots or Red Sox Jerseys, we are stylin' in our Boots&Barkley collars. Sometimes, mom puts a bowtie on Yoda's-he's dapper.

5. T R E A T S...what dog doesn't like treats?? again, since we have had issues with our weight and foods, mom makes sure we have good treats as well as food. Thanks to Chewy, she found out about these Merrick all natural treats and boy are they yummy! These treats are grain and gluten free and are made with chicken, potatoes, peas and carrots!

6. Balls.-We love to play. We play so hard that mom has to look for toys that are basically indestructible really a bit crazy. So far, the two brands that we have yet to get through are Kong Air Dogs and Chuck It Balls.

7. Car rides! Mom and Dad take us everywhere with them. Sometimes, if they are really busy they will drop us of a puppy daycare and we get to take home a bandana. We have been to home depot, target, walmart, the car wash-our fav, starbucks and more!

8. On the rare occasion that mom and dad can not take us with them, they put us in a crate. Not because we are bad but, we get bored and like to jump on the kitchen counters or push all the pillows and blankets off the couch...oops. But, because we love each other so much, we prefer to be crated together so dad found this Guardian Gear Crate. We have the large size.

9. We love to snuggle. We snuggle together and with our mom and dad while they are working or watching tv. Their favorite thing is when they get all comfy and we jump up and force ourselves between them!

All in all, we are two very spoiled and well loved dogs! What are some of your dogs favorite things??


  1. My dog loves her plush stuffed squirrel and carries it around everywhere! I also love the Merrick's treats for her too!

  2. We love Kong! Our dogs love to sit and chew on their toys (but thankfully nothing else like our shoes or furniture!) and Kong is the only thing we found that holds up to them!

  3. so freaking adorable!!! This post made me smile haha. Love dogs ♥

    http://storybookapothecary.com :) stop by and chat

  4. Yoda and Chloe are pretty darn cute! I have a Bullmastiff that loves tennis balls too! She freaks over them. But after she is tired from fetch she likes to devour them so they don't last long! Nice to meet your fur babies!!

  5. Awwww! Love the pups! Ours are a little strange - they don't like to play with toys or anything like that. I'm often jealous of other pet parents because ours don't play like other people's

  6. Shiba's are EVERYWHERE here in Japan. I loved your post about your fur babies. As I have two my self, they are such an integral part of our family.


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