A Weekend of Time Change and Selfies

I don't know about y'all but this time change hit us all harder than usual! But we still had an amazing weekend! Jeff, John's cousin came up on Friday afternoon and will be here until Thursday morning. As we should all know by now, family makes my heart so full so I love when he is here with us. Anyways, without further adieu, I will be linking up with these ladies for my weekend recap!
Bella from Weekend Recap & Meg from Mingle Monday

 F R I D AY 
So, as I mentioned before, Jeff came up on Friday around lunch time and we were both starving so, we headed over to Pincher's Crab Shack which is a 'local' restaurant. We indulged in a strawberry daiquiri bucket, shrimp cocktail, and some more shrimp. We then headed over to World of Beer to try some new beers and while we were there, the Magic Hat distributors were there and so was the Baltimore Orioles Bird. J met us there once he got out of work and we had a blast. The three of us then went to Applebee's for dinner. J and Jeff hadn't really seen each other since they were way younger so it is awesome to hear them catch up with one another. Finally, J went back home to sleep and Jeff and I headed to a country bar in town. Jerrod Niemman was performing so all in all, it was a very successful and spontaneous Friday! 
 Bob, John's 'grandfather' is a huge...huge Baltimore Orioles fan and they happen to spring train 5 minutes from our house so, Jeff and I decided to grab some last minute tickets and take him to the game. For last minute tickets, these were some pretty great tickets. They played against the Red Sox and of course, Boston won! We had a great time and finished the night off with dinner at home, cuddles, and movie night!

this morning hit us pretty hard. we all woke up exhausted and with a bad case of allergies. But, we popped some Claritin, grabbed a coffee and made it happen. We took off around 1145 for the Plant City Strawberry Festival..hello ribbon fries, roasted corn, red velvet funnel cake, funnel dipped bacon, strawberry short cake doughnuts, chicken on a stick, sirloin tips, strawberry whips, and chocolate covered strawberries- yum! When we got back, it was hot! so, we hit up the pool. 

This weekend was pretty fabulous if I do say so myself! I hope you all had fun and safe weekends as well! 


  1. Oohh the strawberry festival sounds like so much fun! Red velvet funnel cake?? OMG that sounds amazing!

  2. red velvet funnel cake!!!!! sounds AMAZING!!!!!

  3. Looks like a great weekend and all the food at the festival sounds amazing!


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