DIY: Spring Wreath

There is not much more that I love like spending a whole day crafting! 

I am the type of crafter to take on 3+ projects in the same day. This past weekend, I started making new wreaths for this year!

This wreath is what we will be displaying for spring. The total cost was $13.50!

What You Will Need:
-grapevine wreath (dollar tree sells 6'')
-fake flowers (dollar tree)
-tin snips
-hot glue gun
-decorative accents

What To Do:
1. with your tin snips, start cutting the flowers off the bouquets
2. figure out where and how you want to place things. I wrapped 1/2 of my wreath with the burlap first
3. start placing the flowers in.. my stems were strong enough and long enough to go through the burlap and grapevine without needing to be glued
4. continue messing with it until it is perfect. I really piled the flowers in so that it was full

5. add any extra accents, letters, embellishments
6. make sure everything is in there good. and if anything is loose, hot glue it
7. display it for everyone to see! 

I had a lot of the materials on hand prior to making this wreath. I did shop around a bit and I found all of the items mentioned for under $14 total! 

Have you ever made your own wreath?


  1. I was just saying I need to do a new wreath for my front door....looks like I know what my next project will be this is so cute!!!!

  2. Cute! I'm wanting to make a fun new Spring wreath too, hoping to get to that this weekend!

  3. I've never made my own wreath. That one is super pretty and festive for Spring.

  4. So cute. Ive never made one but I totally can do this one!


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