Get Fit Thursdays {Me, Currently}

Hi dolls! I am collaborating with Alicia from Being Holy and Healthy and Tayler from the Morrell Tale for our series, Get Fit Thursdays. The purpose of this collab is to share our tips and motivation strategies with you as well as fresh and healthy recipes. Being three-four months into the 'new year', the work out flings and resolutions have kind of fizzed out but we are determined to stay on track. 

So, not going to lie, I went back and forth for weeks on how to approach this topic and I decided to just be honest and be real. I think it is difficult for anyone to be completely happy with their body. Confidence is one thing, and a great thing at that but everyone has some insecurities and mine happens to be my stomach area. Although I work out each area of my body, my stomach is the area that just won't flatten. My main goal currently is to find a great workout plan for my stomach.

In the spirit of being real with my readers, here is where I am currently:
I am 140 pounds and confident in most things other than a swimsuit which, is not ideal for the summer season coming up.So, each of us have taken our own spin on this series and mine is: simple, easy, and quick workouts with great results for the everyday person. 

Basically, I am stuck at a plateau and it sucks. 

A weight-loss plateau is when you are stuck at the same weight even though you are practicing a healthy diet and working out. Let’s just say you have been running two miles a day and eating the same diet. You lost fifteen pounds on that routine. This week you continued that routine, but the scale stayed the same. You did everything you were supposed to, but your weight hit a plateau. The more weight you lose, the higher chances are for hitting a plateau.
Why Do Plateaus Happen?
As you lose muscle from working out, your metabolism slows down. When you gain muscle your metabolism speeds up. As you lose weight, your body burns calories a lot slower, because it has less to feed. Your body is also smart, it knows when you are trying to take away from it. If you are constantly in fat burning mode it will fight against you making it more difficult for you to lose weight. You have to trick your body.
Plateaus are frustrating. They happen to almost everyone who is on a weight-loss journey. It is important not to get frustrated with plateaus. Finding motivation to push forward and not fall back into old habits is important. There are a bunch of different methods to escape them, but how do you know which one to choose?
I have tried just about every method. Some worked and some…a disaster. Here are some do’s/don’ts based on my experience:
– Increase your calories and increase your workouts.
– Change your workout routine. Try new classes or focus on new muscles.
– Continue to eat healthy, but take a couple days off working out to allow your body to relax and your muscles to rebuild.
– Have a cheat meal to increase your leptin levels, shocking your metabolism, causing it to speed up.
– Relax. Find a way to relive your stress. Yoga a couple times a week can help relax your body and muscles.
– Treat yourself. Depriving can cause stress and binge eating.
– Add strength training and weight lifting into your work out routine to speed up metabolism.
– Calorie cycle. Don’t eat the same amount of calories everyday. Go up and down, but never under your recommended intake. If you go under, you will put your body in a starvation mode. That will seriously damage your body.
– Increase your water intake to speed your metabolism.
– Eat more fiber.
– Increase your social life activities. Going out and clearing your mind from a weight-loss plateau can help you relax and push forward.
– Be patient. It didn’t take you overnight to gain the unwanted weight. It won’t come off overnight either.
– Weigh yourself. Focus on the measuring tape. Your scale may not be changing, but you may be losing inches.
– Cut your calories and increase your workouts.
– Cut your calories and decrease your workouts.
– Eat junk food after working out.
– Eat the same thing over and over.
– Take a diet supplement.
– Cut out fruits.
– Eat strictly three meals a day.
– Give up.
These are some of my trial and errors when it comes to the weight loss plateau. It’s important to not give up. Try a couple different things. I’d love to hear your plateau tips too!


  1. Ugh hate plateaus!! They are so frustrating! I've been stuck at one for a while now and I've basically been trying to at least maintain for a while until I figure out what to do.

  2. Plateaus...THE WORST. I was stuck for a while--so I decided to try #whole30 and it has been fabulous! A great discipline for me and by week three I lost 9lbs and feel WAYYY less bloated--a great kick start to weight loss for me!!

  3. I'm at a plateau, too, with my weight! It's soooo annoying!

  4. Plateus are the absolute worst! Ive been there so i know. You have great tips though!!


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