Get Fit Thursdays Pt. 1 {My Story}

Hi dolls! I am collaborating with Alicia from Being Holy and Healthy and Tayler from the Morrell Tale for a new series, Get Fit Thursdays. The purpose of this collab is to share our tips and motivation strategies with you as well as fresh and healthy recipes. Being three-four months into the 'new year', the work out flings and resolutions have kind of fizzed out but we are determined to stay on track. 

Currently, we are estimating and planning this to be around a 10 part series and we hope that you enjoy it! 

For the first installment, I will be sharing my story of why I want to change my lifestyle and want to be a healthier person. 

Ever since I was little, I have had weight issues. My body weight has never been stable. When I was little, little, around 5-8, I was just that, little. I was very active, my parents had me in a ton of sports and activities and we always had healthy meals. In middle school, although I was still active, I was gaining weight.. I remember sitting in my doctors office for a normal check-up and her saying "ok, now, you need to be eating healthy foods. I mean, if you are at a birthday party and they are serving cake, eat the cake but, you do not need to be eating cake everyday." Obviously this bothered me if over 10 years I still hear this in my mind.

I struggled a lot in middle school and high school with my weight and tried diets, pills, etc. to the point where I was in the middle of a volleyball game about to serve the ball and fainted. I didn't do any of these things in front of my parents so they didn't know so this came to a shock to them. I was taken to the ER and pumped with food and fluids. Obviously it came out then what I was doing and they were not happy. They started watching me a bit closer and insuring that I was actually eating right after this. I graduated high school in 2009 at 180 pounds.

That summer, I left for college in Ohio and came back to Florida in November for Thanksgiving at 115 pounds. That would be a loss of 65 pounds in four months... 
Now, I will say that I was going to the gym but, I was also barely eating. If I ate, it would be lettuce and cucumbers or cheese and crackers. However, I felt confident in my body. My parents again, kind of got on me and made sure I ate enough while home. They also would call and check up on me once I went back to school. 

When I moved back to Florida in 2011, I was 160 pounds. Since 2011 I have been up and down with my weight. I have been eating regularly and balanced meals and have been working out. Currently, I am 145 pounds and I am happy with that but there is also obviously room for improvement. 

This is my story and why I am making it a mission now to change my lifestyle and to start being healthier. 


  1. Wow, thank you for sharing. I am currently trying to lose weight for my wedding and am at a standstill. Last year I started working out a lot more and started training for a hike and lost about 20 pounds. Well when the hike was over I gained 10 of it back. Now I am trying to lose that 10 pounds and it just won't go away! I am back at starting to train for this hike again so hopefully I will lose it and a little bit more soon!

  2. This looks like it's going to be a really interesting series. I am TUNED IN!

  3. I played volleyball, too! What position did you play?

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your story! I've been the same way most of my entire life, but I've found that I need to focus on loving myself & being happy with myself all while trying to be happy :)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  5. Thanks for sharing this. I feel like weight and weight issues needs to be shared so much more. Even I should talk about it! I cant wait to follow along!


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