Here We Go, Monday

So, to be honest, I fully expected to have a low key, couch-bumming weekend and well, I am not saying that we did anything crazy but, it was a pretty fun weekend and it was gratefully enjoyed! 
I started Friday out with a long run around the rowing complex that was built by our house followed by a quick yoga session and Starbucks where I officially became a goldmember #holybasic! I ran home afterwards and grabbed the dogs to run some errands. When J got home, he took a nap while I cleaned and organized then we hit up Outback for dinner and drinks!

J worked from 4am-3pm. While he was being a grownup, I went and got my nails done, redecorated for Spring, and had a coffee date with some of the girls I used to work with but, because I suck, there are no pictures! When J got home, we gamed planned for the night and we came up with food, mall and mini golf. We went to the epitome of a "greasy spoon" restaurant for burgers, fries and beer and although probably definitely not calorie or figure friendly, it was delicious and J loved it so, score! We then hit up the mall for a quick sale on the shorts John likes and some new workout shorts for me before I beat him by 6 points in mini golf! 

Was spent running errands in the morning followed by a trip to IKEA! (I absolutely adore Ikea) we got a new silverware set, bowls and some decorative pieces for the bar cart, aka it was a success! We ran over to Red Robin for lunch then returned home to watch Maleficent and veg out before I made dinner and J did some homework. 

All in all, it was a pretty great weekend! By the way, if y'all don't follow me on instagram, you should because, you would have already known about everything I did this weekend! (shamless plug??) 

Anyways, I hope you all had fabulous weekends! Link up with these ladies below and fill us all in! 
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  1. Sounds like a fantastic weekend filled with the perfect amount of down time & fun!! Hooray for putting up spring decor!! Bring on that glorious season!! lol :) Glad you scored such fun finds at IKEA!! We don't have one in our area (such a bummer, right?!) so whenever we're on a weekend trip where there's one nearby we always have fun hitting it up! Have a great week, Sarah! xo

  2. being a gold member is awesome!!! I was so excited when I got my gold card lol, I absolutely love your pups, they are always so cute.

    Ikea is just as bad as Target, its like a vortex you get sucked into and lose all sense of time and can spend so much!!!

    have a fab week!

  3. LOL I just became a gold member at SBux and got my card in the mail about a week ago and I was more than a little excited! I wish we had an IKEA! I went to one in MD while visiting family last year and it was amazing!

  4. I have never been to Ikea, can you believe it? I am determined to visit one soon...and it's going to be incredible. I just know it!

  5. Yes! Awesome weekend!!! I need to see the ikea touches on the bar cart! Bet it's super lovely! I love Ikea so much, but Roger hates it!! Haha...#thestruggle. Glad you've already got things up for spring! #onit.

  6. Oh, yes, and how could I forget: CONGRATS ON BEING A GOLD MEMBER!!!! Haha, that is awesome!

  7. Oh gosh, we went to Ikea to buy a $129 dresser and came out paying $240 a couple of weeks ago. That place has EVERYTHING you could ever want for your home!


  8. Sounds like a great and productive (Ikea shopping) weekend!!


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