"Let Me Tell You About My Best Friends..."

So, if you all don't already know, I am a momma!
To two fur babies! 

I am here today to introduce you to the eight paws behind Coffee&Glitter

"Chlo", "Chlo-Chlo", "Chlobear", "Chlobaby", "Chlobie"
Breed: Shiba Inu
Birthday: December 31st
Age: 7 years
Favorite Toy: Rubber Bone
Favorite Activity:Snuggling
Chloe is the sweetest most lovable little thing in the world. She is a rescue baby and quickly became my whole world. She loves going on car rides and weaseling her way into my lap to look out the window. 

"Yodaman", "Yoyo", "Booboo"
Breed: Boston Terrier
Birthday: August 15th
Age: 5
Favorite Toy: The orange football
Favorite Activity: Going to the Dog Park
Yoda is a human. Seriously. He is the most animated little thing around. He came with John and has made out little family complete. He loves to play and is a ball addict. 

Flying Yoda

Car Rides

Best of Friends


I love my little fur babes. I am truly obsessed with them. Nothing makes me more happy than coming home to their furry little faces. They go with me just about everywhere I go and can make me laugh when I'm sad. They definitely are my best friends. 


  1. they are just too cute!!! we are waiting on our furbaby adoption process to be finalized and go meet him I am excited to have another pup in our house. Ours passed 3 mo ago and it's been so quiet

  2. Awww, I love your furbabes! We have two, as well- both rescues! Puppy paws bring such joy into the house! (And mud this time of year, lol!)

  3. Oh my heart! I LOVE dogs, we have three of them and they are for sure my babies! Ours are rescue babies too! Your dogs are SO cute!!

  4. Such cute dogs! Chloe is especially pretty.
    Looks like they're livin' the life.

  5. They are gorgeous!! Shia Inus are so cute!!

  6. Love this so, so much!!!!! Precious!

  7. Oh Yoda has the best expressions! They're both adorable!

  8. Love Shiba's - does your make much noise or bark? I never heard of the breed until about 5-6 years ago when my mom and I came across a live streaming cam with a Shiba Inu and her litter of puppies. It was so much fun watching them grow.

    I love Yoda's head tilts :)

    Nice to meet you! xo

  9. The look on Yoda's face in his Pats jersey is priceless! Chloe looks like she gives some awesome cuddles. Thanks for sharing and linking up :)

  10. They are both so cute! Yoda has the cutest face and sleeping positions.

  11. Chloe is so pretty and Yoda is adorable! I love his name! Dogs really are the best, aren't they?

  12. Aww, your dogs are soooo adorable! :) Found you on Erin's blog!


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