literally, my life.

y'all, I found this on facebook the other day and I can not even explain to you how true this is! John always makes fun of me that "my pants are off before I even get in the door"...and not in the "tmi/personal way" but in the "I hate pants type of way". But anyways, with my pants on this Friday morning, I will be linking up with these fine ladies to tell you about my week! 

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M O N D A Y 
so, first and foremost, who watched The Bachelor, Women Tell All?!? Ok well how annoying was Britt and her obnoxious "crying"...did you notice there was not one actual tear?! ugh. And I don't care what anyone says, Ashley S makes my life! She is literally so far out in left field that I just literally can't even! I also couldn't even handle Kelsey and finally...there was the Chris and Jade about uncomfortable! Anyways, my point on this is that this is how we spent our Monday night! wine.thin mints. puppy snuggles. babes. and britts 'tears'

we switched up groomers due to some...disagreements we had with the other place. I am so so happy that we did! They came out of there so soft and clean and sporting adorable little bandanas. my adorable boyfriend brought me home flowers and a sweet card *swoon* also, I managed "Outback" potatoes in half the time of most recipes I have seen-score! We love outback mostly for the baked potatoes they are so soft on the inside and deliciously crunchy and salty on the outside..its amazing! 

I first ran a ton of errands then, I went over and spent some time with my first furlove, Gracie girl. She is my parents dog and I absolutely adore her. Because my parents are out of town and I won't be around this weekend, Gracie is being boarded at one of the best dog places around and I went to visit with her. Also, since my parents are out of town, I have been allowed to drive my dads car around...and boy do I love it! He got a Tesla last year and it is so fun! 0-60 in 2.3 seconds...seriously! Finally, I met up with my second momma and her son for lunch at Brio and it was fabulous! 

T H U R S D A Y 
I have been insanely into infused waters lately. I know that there are all of those fancy water bottles with separate parts for the fruit but I like to see mine floating around-haha! I have been loving strawberry, lemon, mint and blueberry, cucumber, basil...yum! and, they keep me nice and hydrated while I am on my 7,000 step walk around the rowing complex. Also, super cool, my parents are in Aspen, Colorado and my dad within the past ten years has taken up snowboarding..well, he won a trophy in a snowboarding race! 1st Place!! #prouddaughtermoment

These sleepybabies say "Have a happy Friday and a perfect weekend!"


  1. Britt annoys me!!! I am so glad he sent her home!!!!

    I love strawberry infused water!!! I need to get some mint to add....also in summer cucumber water is my favorite ever!

    Have an awesome weekend

  2. I sooo relate to that ecard too!! lol :) I agree with your take on the Women Tell All, & Britt's theatrics, not to mention Kelsey's. Glad he didn't end up with either of those ladies!! Yikes! Can't wait for the finale on Monday!! But first, the weekend -- hooray!! Hope you enjoy yours!! xo

  3. I totally agree with your bachelor comments...BRITT drove me CRAZY. I was so happy when she FINALLY went home. HALLELUJAH. Your pups are SO cute btw :)

  4. Haha! This is my first season watching The Bachelor and I love it! How did I live without it until now? OMG, Brit was soooooo annoying with her crying. Like, seriously annoying. And I am with you. My life would be so much more fun with an Ashley S in it! She cracks me up.

  5. Oooo thin mints! I cannot have a box of those in my house, it would be very very bad! They are my all time favorite! I may need for you to share the recipe on those Outback potatoes because that looks AMAZING! Aww, love how happy your pups look after their grooming! Happy Friday!

  6. Your pups are the cutest! I did that same thing with my pants as I walked in the door after work tonight. Straight to throw them off and change into comfy PJs. Best feeling in the world! That and taking your bra off for the day ;-)

  7. Congrats to your dad! And the doggies are so cute! Your boyfriend did great with the flowers and card:)

    Thanks for linking up with us for H54F!

  8. Bachelor is always hilarious. Im definitely looking forward to Bachelor Pad with all the crazy ladies. I watched Millionaire Matchmaker this week and was shocked that Jesse Kovacs was on it - had no idea he was that loaded. And Im a sucker for good potato recipes too. So thankful for pinterest!

  9. Yes yes yes - Britt was so obnoxious last week! I'm so happy that Chris saw through her and sent her home. Cannot wait for tomorrow night, I'm team Whitney!

  10. Best weekend ever!!!! YAY! Love the sweet card and flowers! And I was about to say...girl, you have a Tesla?!? I saw the pic before I read the comment. Man! What an awesome car! Sounds like a great week! And lol to loving to be in your pj's! That's Roger for sure. me on the other hand...I'm weird. I could be in my work clothes just about all day.

  11. Britt had no tears. None.
    Also girl my pants are off while opening the door haha


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