Some Things You Should Know About Me...

well, as if I don't already write enough about myself, I am here to tell you 20 (more) things about me! 

1) I don't think they make a car big enough for me. honestly. My first ever car was an Acura TL. then, a Honda Accord. Now, a Nissan Murano. I want a Nissan Armada or a Tahoe.. I am only one person though..I don't need to seat an army. 

2) I. H A T E. Receipts. people must think I am so rude but I just can't stand them.. half the time I tell the cashiers "I don't need it" before it is even printed out and the other half of the time, I can't crinkle it up fast enough before they hand it to it bad? yeah, obviously. but I hate that tiny slip of paper taunting me about how much I spent. 

3) I cry. A LOT. I cry at the end of a lot of movies, during a lot of movies, at weddings, engagements, and new babies...I have even cried during certain commercials

4) I still realllllly like #hashtags. they are always so #practical

5) I love destroying my kitchen. In the sense of having 2-3 different recipes going on at once and the mess that comes with.

6) My dogs might as well be children. Honestly, I spend so much on is basically like having a child #noshame

7) Every time there is a birthday, wedding, family event, etc., I have to buy a new dress. I shop at TJmaxx and Marshals so, I am a bargain beauty but, I have a serious issue with wearing the same thing more than once around the same people. 

8) I will never leave my dogs longer than 7 to 8 hours. Especially on the weekends after their long, sad, lonely work weeks. I always leave a light on for them when I am gone, as well as the radio. They are my babies, and if I even think I may be gone longer than 7 to 8 hours they will have a dog sitter present to make sure they get outdoors time and plenty of love. My dogs will never be boarded or left with someone I don't just won't ever happen...ever

9)I have never had a boyfriend that was less than 2 years older than me. I am way to mature to date a guy my age. No offense. I am just an old soul. 

10)I want to become a vegetarian so bad. I have a deep passion for animals, but I like so many things that are provided by them

11) I am very photogenic, It's a gift.

12) I almost died when I was 2. I was rushed to the hospital with pneumonia and the nurses gave me an adult dosage of medicine so at two years old, I was overdosing. Dr. Dad got there, pumped my stomach then discharged me himself and took care of me at home. #thanksdad

13) Blogging is still a little weird to me but, I am getting there. It was a little difficult for me to make my blog life a part of my real life..I don't know why but, it was! 

14) I have never tried one drug. I haven't even smoked a cigarette..don't get me wrong though, I do love a nice large glass of wine. 

15) I prefer driving at night and down one way roads, for the fact that it's dark and a lot harder for my fellow motor vehicle operators to see the obnoxious and incredibly embarrassing thing I like to call "singing" as I come very close to blowing out my car speakers. 

16) I am beyond terrified of clowns. There is no 'real' reason.. I just have always been hysterically scared.

17) Breakfast at Tiffany's is my favorite movie. On rainy days when I am at home, I will cuddle up in a big blanket with some sort of yummy snack and watch 

18) If it was reasonable, I'd live off Thai food and sushi "these are a few of my favorite things"

19) I currently have a stock pile of 48 Bath&Body Works candles...#thanksblackfriday #candleholicsanonymous  

20) I truly believe I am the luckiest girl in the world because I have this stud muffin behind me all the time supporting me and encouraging me to follow all of my dreams.


  1. Love these! OMG 48 candles from B&B is like my dream! :D I feel the same way about our dogs, I feel so bad when we have to leave them! We leave the TV on for them so at least they have some noise going. :)

  2. I'm terrified of clowns as well. I cry lol My boyfriend thinks its funny.
    I've dated 2 guys that were 21 and that was too young for me especially for being a single mom. My boyfriend is the same age as me.

  3. What's the point of going to an event if you can't get a new dress? I'm with you!

  4. I don't like receipts either and yes blogging is weird. I would love more BB candles. Thats a crazy collection - crazy good!


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