The Boyfriend Chronicles {Pt. 2: We Live Together}

part 1

So, it is no secret and hasn't been a secret that John and I live together...what most people don't know though, is how quickly we moved in together and why. 

J and I met in 2013.We became "official" about a month after we met and started hanging out together. We clicked pretty instantly and it just worked. The inevitable sleepovers started happening shortly after that. We lived about 25 minutes away from each other so it wasn't a big deal to shack up and one another's place and we are both dog lovers so that was never an issue either. 
About five months after becoming official, my lease at the time was quickly coming to an end. I spent many weekends going from place to place to find somewhere new to live because I didn't want to renew the lease I was in. It was about three weeks before my lease ended and he came to me with an offer. 

At the time, he was living with his Uncle Walter and 16 year old cousin on the next city over. He was helping them out because Walter drives trucks for a living and was pretty much only home for one weekend out of the month. Being that his cousin was only 16, he was still a "minor" so John was his guardian of sorts and made sure the house was taken care of, dinner was made, dogs were all set and mostly that the 16 year old was at school, had the things he needed, etc. Anyways, Walter and John came to me with an offer. Basically they said "if you can't find anywhere to live by the time you lease is up, we will move you, your stuff, and your pup into our house in exchange for you "rechecking" to make sure things are done" To some, this sounded like a crappy deal but, it was actually amazing. John and his cousin, Alek were both super responsible, all of our dogs got along, his uncle was awesome and, it was all a verbal agreement so, had something not worked out, I could have just moved out scotch free. I consulted with my parents and they said to go for it as it was closer to my work at the time and they love J. 
J was the absolute sweetest during the whole process. He and his uncle literally packed and moved all of my things and gave me a huge closet in the house. Alek was super sweet too. The boys kept things pretty clean and we were able to figure out a chore chart of sorts so absolutely nothing was just dumped on me..I naturally took the "job" of making dinners because cooking a hobby I love. 

So, the time went on of the 3/4 of us living together and things were really great. We lived in that house for about 5 months. In February, Walter decided to take a job closer to home so that he could be around more. He said we were more than welcome to stay but, it got a little crampt for John and I with the two of them, the 5 dogs, and the girlfriends of his uncle and cousin so, after a long talk, we decided to venture out on our own and find our first place-just the two of us. 
It took a little bit of time but we wanted it to be perfect so we weren't in a rush. So far, living together has taught us a lot about one another. Not everyday is perfect and we definitely have had our fair share of fights but, to us, it definitely wasn't and hasn't been as intense as some people say it is. I'll be totally honest, I think I got super lucky with John because he is super laid back and is easy to please. We don't fight about space or how things are set up..actually he left that up to me. 
He's a pretty stellar guy and although some people felt the need to give us their opinion on us moving in together so "soon", we have one another and our families backing us so, we're all good.  


  1. Sounds like you've found your perfect match! :) I love hearing sweet stories like this. Wishing you two lots of fun times and many happy memories!

  2. I totally get people having their opinions about living together. My fiance and I now went through the same thing! But honestly now that we are getting married in about 8 months living together before marriage has been the best decision we ever made. We have learned how to work with each other and us moving in so soon after we started dating (I think we moved in about 5 months after dating too) really made our relationship stronger!

  3. Yayyy love this story, so sweet! And loving that ecard that I want to spend the rest of my lease with you. Too cute :)

  4. So sweet! Everyone has their own opinion, but you know what makes you happy! I moved in early with my boyfriend, too. Fast forward and we were married last fall. (;

  5. love this story!! I always say, you never know someone truly until you live with them!!!

  6. You guys are really cute! Love your story!


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