Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Local Tourist Project {Pt. 5: The Beach}

 Happy Tuesday my caffeinated loves! Welcome back to my current love, The Local Tourist Project.  When I spent the time photographing and exploring this section of my city, it hit me kind of hard. 
As I stated when I first started this project of mine, I was doing it solely to curb my bad case of wanderlust and to learn just a bit more about my city. Obviously you can not come to this coast of Florida and not see the beach so, I will let the pictures do the talking as you view quite possibly the most beautiful part of Sarasota. 

Have you ever played tourist in your town?


  1. Beautiful photos! I have to make my way over to that part of Florida!

  2. Yes! We do it all the time, it's so fun. You can always stumble across places you've never seen and find some beautiful gems right at home!
    Love looking at blog photos as well, I just love seeing other places through blog eyes :)

  3. beautiful pictures!! we try to place tourist in our city just because i've lived here my whole life I seem to visit the same places.. I love visiting new places.. its so fun! Thank you for linking up too on the blog hop

  4. i followed you on gfc!:)

    i love this post, im all for summery/beach pics it makes me wanna go on holiday!:) x x


  5. Love your idea of touristing your own town. I'm headed to the beach next week and you've got me in the mood for sand, saltwater, a good book, a cold drink and lots of relaxation! {I'm off to pack now!}

  6. I love this idea, and definitely try to do it myself. But you definitely have to be intentional about it...not hanging out in your same old fav restaurants, but exploring new ones. Getting the local flavor instead of chains, etc. But there is definitely so much of my city I haven't seen!!!

  7. These photos are beautiful!

  8. I've been to Florida many, many times but never Sarasota & I have no idea why, it's absolutely gorgeous!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista


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