The Local Tourist Project {Pt.2:Meet Me on the Farm}

 Welcome back! 

I am so excited to share with you the next journey I embarked on. I took a whole day to venture out east. As previously mentioned, Sarasota is basically best known for it's beach life. That is great and all but, being a Tennessee girl since birth, I was determined to find a few dirt roads and well, my goal was accomplished. 

I give you a taste of the Sarasota, Florida country life:

life through my furbabes eyes

Duke the Sheep


Marigold the Mini Horse

Clyde the Billy Goat


Pot Belly's

that hair!

Although Sarasota, Florida's country isn't like Tennessee's, it will do for me! Going through the two lane roads with the windows down and the sound of Jason Aldean's voice coming through my speakers was just what I needed on a Saturday afternoon!

A huge thank you to the owners of Diamond Creek Ranch and Truyvia Farms for allowing me to trek over your land and photograph your precious animals. 


  1. This is awesome! Love the pics, the animals are so cute! I love the country! :)


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