Weekend Recap!

I would love to be able to say that I was ultra productive this weekend and that I got a lot done that needs to be done around the house but, I did not. I relaxed for most of it-and it felt good! I figured that I would really bust my butt this week with the cleaning and organizing before 1. Easter and 2. John's mom comes to visit *eek!* Anyways, I am linking up with:
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F R I D A Y 

I guess I lied, Friday, I spent the morning working from home...by the pool with an ice cold drink... #sorrynortherners! Friday was also an awesome mail day. I got my Ipsy Glam Bag, my Starbucks Gold Card, and my new debit card! My old one I had made prior to meeting J and Yoda..since having Yoda, I always felt guilty when I would pay and the cashier would look at my card and say "aww is that your dog" and Yoda was left out so, I had one made with both of their adorable puppy faces on it! 

S A T U R D A Y 

Saturday was a great day because I met up with some of the girls I used to work with. We went to St. Armands Circle and Lido Beach and just veged. J worked from 4am-8pm so it was a complete girls morning/afternoon. Before going our own ways, we stopped for a round (or two) of coconut margaritas from my favorite little gem in Sarasota. When I got home, I was beat from the sun so I snuggled up with the pups and watched Cinderella until J came home. We finished our night off with a late dinner at a Pub near our house. 


I surprised John with breakfast-this boy could eat breakfast all day every day for the rest of his life-me, not so much but, compromise people, compromise! So, I made eggs, bacon, sweet rolls, and a little fruit plate complemented with a homemade bloody mary mix (which I impressed myself with). We both had a lot of school/work-work to do so, we multi tasked with throwing the ball around for the dogs and computer work. Around 3pm, we left for the 5pm Bruins Game in Channelside. On the way, we stopped at our favorite pizza joint. We watched two periods of the game then headed back home as we were getting killed and John had an awful headache. 

This week is going to be full of work and cleaning for the upcoming festivities! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! 


  1. sounds like a fun weekend!!!! I love breakfast too!!! Have a fantastic week!

  2. sounds like a fun weekend. Jealous of the gold card from starbucks!!!! I hope you like what you got in your march glam bag.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! I'm so happy the warm weather is back!

  4. Sometimes you just need to not be productive and get some rest instead! :) Sounds like a great relaxing weekend! I love that you have a picture of your dogs on your debit card, too cute! Ooo gold card! I got so excited when I got that in the mail, lol! :)

  5. So jealous of those coconut margaritas! Looks like a great weekend :)

  6. jealous of your pool and beach time. And the drinks! Sounds like a lovely weekend.

  7. What an awesome weekend!! Love that you got some beach time in. I need to do that soon! And hello Starbucks gold card holder! Nice! :) That margarita looks amazing too! Happy Monday!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  8. That coconut margarita looks absolutely amazing! Yay for beach and pool time :-D

  9. Isn't it so funny how we feel guilty about our pups? I always have to make sure everyone gets equal petting time, equal treats, equal car-rides...it's so funny!

    xoox, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  10. Eeeekkk testing out my ️ipsy products today, I got a few different than you but what did you think So far? I loooove this months bag it is super cute. Sounds like you had a good weekend :)

  11. I was so excited about my Glam bag as well. I was super busy this weekend with school work and yard work. BTW. My Mothers Maiden name is translated to Runge in German. So most of my family is now named Runge after they moved from Poland to Germany :)

  12. Relaxing on a weekend is never a bad thing. Go you!!


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