Aloha Friday!

I am seriously mind blown that this weekend is Easter y'all! Partly because this year is already flying by and partly because well, I am cooking an Easter dinner Sunday and I haven't really planned one thing...oops! 

Anyways, before I scramble an Easter supper menu together, I am linking up with I am linking up with 
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for this week's recap!

1. There are many things that I have learned to love about Florida and a few that I will never get.
Since it was such a gorgeous day on Monday, after my run to Starbucks, I decided to do some work from the patio. I was out there for about two hours, making calls, answering emails, updating my blog and life was good... I happened to take a break and just sit for a minute when I heard a rattle noise...a r a t t l e y'all! There was a pygmy rattler on the palm tree literally right by my head. Talk about scary! 

2. On the complete opposite side of the spectrum, Tuesday I literally died. I have no idea what I caught or what I ate but I was down and out for the count.
This was my day. puppy snuggles, pepto, and blue powerade. I was a sorry, sorry human. 

3. Our ever so precious fur babies have been going once-twice a month to puppy day care for socialization and such and the place they go are just as dog-crazy as I am and celebrate holidays.
can we all just take a moment... 

Poor Yoda looks terrified but my girl Chloe is looking so adorable! I love the place that we found for them and they (despite Yoda's face) love it there! 

4. I am SO ecstatic because I will be spending all day with these sweet, sweet babies today.
If you have been following for a while, you will know my obsession with them. (long story short, Matthew was in my toddler 1 class at the preschool I first taught at and I have been sitting for him since he was two, I was at the hospital for his sisters birth and I just love them and their family) so, if you follow me on instagram get ready for a picture overload! 

5. I am this weeks featured blogger for H54F! and I am pretty excited about it! Click over to Tif's blog to link up with her and the rest of the H54F hosts!

Bright on a Budget 

I hope you all have a super fantastic Easter weekend full of lots of yummy food and family time! 


  1. Just checked you out from High Five for Friday link up party. A fellow preschool teacher her too. I liked your favorites from this week. That is how I found out you teach. I teach transitional kindergarten at a christian preschool. Maybe we can swap ideas from time to time.

  2. Eeeek I would have freaked if I heard a rattle and saw a snake! Glad you're ok! And I'm so sorry you battled the horrific stomach bug, thankfully they only last about 24 hours. Seriously the worst :(

    Happy Friday gurlie <3

  3. OMG I would have flipped out about that snake. I probably wouldn't have gone back out for weeks by myself without constantly checking all around me. I HATE snakes, like my worst fear. And the easter photos are so cute! I wish I could take my fur baby to daycare but she would terrorize all the other dogs. She isn't mean but she is a little loud and barky when she gets around other dogs but once she sniffs them she is fine unless they give her an off vibe but the dog care place is also our kennel and they mark her as dog aggressive the first 2 minutes I walked in one time because she was I am pretty sure they would not allow her at day care.

  4. no no no no no no!!!!!! lol i would have died if i saw that damn snake. omg

  5. Ewwwwww the snake!!!! Eeekkkk
    But quickly my mood changed to Omg puppies!!! When I saw your babies with the Easter bunny! How cute is that!
    H5fF! I'll go link up :)))

  6. LOL yoda does look terrified. Sometimes easter bunny costumes can be really creepy.

  7. Oh gosh, that snake. I would've died! Also, your pups are absolutely adorable!

    Kat :)

  8. I'm sure you're having a fabulous day with those sweeties who have stolen your heart! :) Wishing you all the best with hosting on Easter!! Have a beautiful weekend! xo

  9. I don't know HOW you managed to keep your cool with a RATTLESNAKE that close to you. I'm pretty sure I would have jumped out of my skin. Also- those two sweet kiddos are adorable.

  10. I would've absolutely freaked out about the snake...I'm not a fan of them at all! I love your puppy pictures by the way-so cute!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  11. Visiting from the link-up!! YAY for being the featured blogger! Babies, dogs, everyone is scared of bunnies!! HA!! Have a Blessed Easter and good luck with your meal!!

  12. Ugh snakes and lizards are just gross! They are pure evil Im convinced!

  13. EEK about the snake! And your puppies are so adorable!!!



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