Apparently We Are Anti Pictures Over Here...

Hi dolls! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and the start of your Monday is off to a good one! I am linking up today with Meg from Mingle Monday Biana from B Loved Boston for my Weekend Recap!

note:I suck at being a blogger and I suck at remembering to take pictures.

John's momma woke up at 3am in Boston and the three hours of travel time that it should have taken her to get here turned into seven...poor thing was exhausted! But, we made the most out of it! Once she arrived, we met John for lunch at Olive Garden, gave her the tour of our 'new' place, did a bit of Sarasota sight seeing, and then ended with a people watching trip to one of our finest walmarts around.
ps. all day Friday my mom was sending me pictures of her new baby and we have a name!! NALA! 
This was a day of sadness-kind of! You may have read that we were scheduled to go parasailing this would have been my first time. However, lovely Tampa Bay decided to show it's self and produce storm clouds. Due to the safety concerns, they had to cancel all the flights for the day-super bummer! So, instead, we went down to the riverwalk-again, I was a failure at taking pictures! Then, we went to Panera for lunch and shopping! We finished with wings and the Bruins game. 

John did his usual work thing while I got ready and caught up on house work laid in bed until 5 minutes before he got home. We got ready then met his momma for brunch at a local place. We then hit St. Armand's circle where I sampled all they had to offer, lusted over the insanely priced-but insanely cute- dresses, and people watched. We then headed back to his grandmothers to hang out and prep for dinner. 

Johns Momma and I 
John's grandmothers boyfriend and one of their dogs, Ramsey

Well, we will be trying again today to parasail so, cross your fingers that we will be able to go up! John's momma leaves Tuesday which is always sad but, we will be seeing her in October-if not sooner!

Anyways, I hope you all have fabulous weeks! Don't forget to link up with the ladies above and link up tomorrow with Jasmine for Grow Your Blog


  1. Looks like you had a lovely weekend. That dog he's holding is HUGE!!! Lol Thanks for the shout out girl.

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend :) Glad you got to spend some time with family!

  3. Boooo for no parasailing, but yay for a great weekend with the fam :)

  4. good luck with the parasailing today! hope the weather agrees!
    trish - tales from trish

  5. That is the bummer on the parasailing. Ramsey's face is so precious!

  6. Looks like the perfect weekend to me minus the cancellation boooo :(((

  7. Ramsey looks like he's smiling which made me smile :) Happy new week!


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