Beach Bag Must Haves!

As a Florida girl, we spent an insane amount of time at the beach or poolside so, having the right items make for an enjoyable and worry free time!

Obviously a beach bag to carry all of your items is a no brainer. A cooler is also an awesome idea but it isn't exactly always convenient (or easy) to haul my Yeti around so, I picked up this lilly cooler for my drinks of choice, snacks, and ice. 

Sunscreen:no brainer and this is the brand I swear by. Not only is the packaging adorable but this brand actually stays on after you have been in the water. 

Garnier's Hydra Recharge line is amazing for pumping moisture back into my hair after salt, sun or chlorine has gotten in it. This line has a leave-in conditioner that I make sure to throw into my bag and whenever we are ready to leave the beach/pool, I spray a large amount in. 

Flight 001 bags are great for keeping wet things wet and dry things dry. We will usually hit a bar or restaurant on our way home so instead of walking in soaking wet or leaving wet clothes all over the car, we throw our stuff in these bags. 

Drink spikers helloooo most fabulous invention ever! nothing grosses me out more than sandy drinks. koozie or not, your cold can will get a sandy mess on the bottom and well, that doesn't work for me so!

This Addi and Jack cover up is not only insanely adorable but, it is convertible. This can become a dress or skirt so if a bar or restaurant is in your future, this would be a fabulous option! 

A hat is also a grand idea. sunglasses cause weird tan marks and hats are fun when you're drunk! 

Some other really great ideas to pack are:
-rubber flip flops
-baby powder (gets sand off)
-cheap sunglasses
-hair ties
-external battery pack for phones
-make up wipes/baby wipes

What is a must have for you at the beach?


  1. Great ideas! Mine always has a towel, sunscreen, sunglasses + a pareo (can double as a beach cover-up/towel/dress/skirt, etc.)! <3

  2. Buying a PFG shirt is on my list to do for this summer. These are all fantastic ideas! I like the wet bags! I will have to check those out!

    1. definitely worth the money! these are the only ones I have found that don't leak!

  3. I love those lilly bags for the pool!!

  4. Oooooh I love the colors!! So pretty! This looks like my dream birthday gift list here lol... Maybe I will just show this post to my husband this year! I've never seen those drink spikes! Love! xoxo

  5. I need that monogrammed fishing shirt STAT!!! :) So cute! Love this roundup.

  6. My Lilly beach bag and coolers are my absolute favorites! Definitely can't go wrong with those!

  7. I live for a good beach bag. I have more than I care to divulge. Lol. Those drink spikes have now made my list of things to buy for this summer.

  8. Yay for Florida girls! Even down here, I feel like we don't get enough beach and pool time. Those 4-5 months off sure are long! And I need those drink spikes in my life, genius idea :-D

  9. Great list!! I live on the beach, so I know how important what's in your beach bag is. Never forget the sunscreen!!
    xo, claudia

  10. awesome ideas!!! I always get picked on by my family because they say I "over pack" my beach bag. but they don't realize all the things you really need. lol

  11. Beach bags! It usually takes me forever to find "the one" but I really like what Lilly has out now!

  12. I love those drink spikers! I hate getting sand everywhere so those would be so nice to have. Sunscreen is always a must have for me. I turn into a lobster without it... Haha! =)

  13. Love the beach bag and those drink spikes= genius!

  14. Drink spikers are genius! I love them and always think "why didn't I think of that"?? :)

  15. Yes to everything!! Drink spikes are such a great idea!

  16. For the first time in years, I don't know how much I will need a beach bag, but I do know that I need everything on here! Lol


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