Happy Friday Loves! 

I hope you all had a great week and have a quick moving work day. This week was full of 'firsts' for me! Before we get into that though, I will be linking up with: 
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1. Myself, Ashley from That Southern Mama, and Libby from Health, Love and Fire are co-hosting and linking up with Amanda for Conversations today so, I think that before you continue reading my ramblings, you should head on over and link up! 
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2. At the beginning of the week, I met up with John's cousin for a date at the Urgent Care and lunch! Last week, he managed to injure his lip and required stitches. This was the first time he had ever had them and it was the first time I had ever watched someone get them removed.

The doctor was super sassy and got a bit nasty about me taking video/photos so, this is the best that I could do. We celebrated with spicy bloody's and seafood!

3. So, it is no secret how obsessed I am with the show on Food Network, Chopped. Well, the other night we were watching it J looked at me and said, "you should apply"..I laughed it off and said "yeah, right"

Well, after a bit of thinking, I decided that it wouldn't hurt to just apply so, we will see what happens!

4. So, I am sure that you all know what 'vlogging' is but, on the off chance that you don't it is a video form of blogging. I have wanted to start vlogging for quite a while because I feel like somethings are better explained or shown verbally.

Let me tell you, it is much harder than it looks! I tried for a straight hour yesterday and kept fumbling words or just felt awkward. I am determined though so, I will try again today!

5. Y'all! I am only 10 followers away from 500 on instagram...do me a favor and get me to 500?!

I'd love you forever! 

Finally, what a better way to start your weekend than with a $200 gift card to Lululemon?! 
As we're approaching bathing suit season (for some of us it's already here), I've been amping up my workouts and noticed it would be nice to have some fresh workout gear for the season. So, I teamed up with some of my bloggy favs to giveaway at $200 gift card to Lululemon. We all know their clothes are not cheap, so the lucky winner can go on a shopping spree on us to get a jump start on their workout wardrobe for the warmer months. Good luck!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Be safe and have fun! 


  1. Oh no! Trips to the ER are never fun. I have tried vlogging a handful of times, and it's always a little awkward but really fun! I am excited to see yours!

  2. Ugh sorry he got hurt! I had to get stitches in my ear a few years ago after I busted it on the car door slipping on ice. I'm so glad we live in FL now, haha!

  3. Yay to lululemon! And good luck on vlogging! I sound like a five year old so I don't know if that's ever an option for me.

  4. Wishing you all the best in creating that first vlog! Have yourself a lovely weekend, sweets!! xo

  5. Boo for trip to ER but glad everything is ok.. and I love me some Lulu and fitbit. Have a great weekend

  6. Urgent Care is never fun add in a sassy doc and it's a party! Glad he's ok, and sending good vibes on getting to 500 on Instagram ;-)

    Happy Friday gurlie <3

  7. I love Chopped! It would be so cool if you got on! I'm already following on Instagram, so I hope you get to 500 soon!

  8. I'm excited about your vlogging adventures!!

  9. I've been thinking of vlogging, but I just feel like I would be so awkward! But let's take a second and just appreciate the fluffy kitty!!!

  10. Ooh, so much going on in your life! I'm intimidated by vlogging also. You can do it - just pretend you are talking to a girlfriend on the phone (or Skype). Can't wait to see what you come up with!!

  11. How did he manage to do that? Lol
    Good luck on the vlogging thing. I'm still in need of getting confidence.

  12. That would be so fun if you got accepted! Fingers crossed :) Have a wonderful weekend!!

  13. YAY vlogging! I'm right with you, wanting to do it regularly. I did one and had the same experience as you, rambled, fumbled, or completely forgot to film things HA! Keep it up! You've motivated me to try it again too. Hope you're having a great weekend!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea


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