Get Fit Thursdays {Work Out Essentials}

Hi dolls! I am collaborating with Alicia from Being Holy and Healthy and Tayler from the Morrell Tale for our series, Get Fit Thursdays. The purpose of this collab is to share our tips and motivation strategies with you as well as fresh and healthy recipes.

This week, I am going to go over my work out essentials! To me, it is crucial to be prepared for your gym date or workout!

fit bit/iPhone/dove deodorant 

obviously, when working out, it is important to stay hydrated! I like bottles with markers on them so I can easily keep track of how much water I have consumed throughout the day. Obviously you can buy these types of bottles or, make your own with a sharpie!

Investing in a really good pair of running shoes is also very important. I like Nike running shoes as I typically run 2-3 times a week and also go to the gym 1-2 times.

Make up wipes, dry shampoo, deodorant, etc. are all important to me because I like to be able to be presentable once finishing a work out just incase I have any errands to run.

I like to bring a yoga mat along because gym floors are gross and I like to be able to do a combo of floor exersizes as well as machines. Mats are also great for home work outs. 

Fit bit/Phone/Headphones: well, obvs!

What are your work out essentials?


  1. Such a cute water bottle! I definitely need a new yoga mat, my old one is starting to fall apart. Any recommendations on where to buy one?

  2. I've been looking into getting some dumbbells and a yoga mat for working out at home.

  3. Perfection! The sneaks the water bottle the Yoga mat! Yes yes yes. Add dry shampoo and deodorant and that's my day at the gym!
    Well I like to run on my treadmill at home because I look so embarrassing while running hahahaha
    Plus I have to hold my boobs down, that might be frowned on in a public gym. Lololol :))))

  4. Genius idea to bring your own yoga mat :-D

  5. I love the water bottles that tell you what time you need to finish a certain amount. When I first started trying to drink 64oz of water a day it was really hard and I was having to set time frames for me to drink a certain amount by but now I am so used to it by 1pm I have already drank 40oz so I do it and don't even notice I have drank that much

  6. Girl! You gotta add the flip belt to your essentials. It's seriously amazing!!!!

  7. Fitbit for the win and those cucumber wipes are the BEST thing ever!!

  8. Oh snap! Those running shoes are super cute. Would love a pair in that color.

  9. That water bottle is great! I'm also in full agreement with you about the gym floors, totally icky! My yoga mat is my favorite-it's cute and cushy!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  10. definitly a good pair of shoes, my bluetooth wireless heaphones, water mixed with my liquid chlorophyll, my flipbelt that holds everything and awesome tunes :)


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