Hello Friday!

I am so so so excited that it is Friday! More importantly, I am more excited that it is Friday the 10th! Why? Because John's momma will be arriving in Tampa in just a few hours! I love when she comes to town because (although he doesn't and won't admit it, John is a huge mommas boy) so he is happy, she is happy, I am happy and we get to play tourist! Before heading up to the airport to get her, I will be linking up with 
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1. We started off our week giving into temptations. On Saturday, we went to see "Get Hard" at the mall movie theater which is conveniently located next to the malls food court which is home to literally the best chinese orange chicken in the history of ever. We already had prior dinner plans Saturday night so we had to skip on the orange chicken.  However, when J was done working monday afternoon, he called and said "hey if i text you when I get there, can you run out and we'll hit the mall for some orange chicken?"...i mean who WOULDN'T say yes?!?!
hiii deliciousness! 

2. Throughout the week I have had a ton of errands to run due to the arrival of John's momma. I am totally that dog mom that feels guilty when the pups are left home alone so, I bring them with me...just about everywhere..
 In the trunk part of my car, is one of those 'privacy' screen things but mine is always up. Yoda has figured this out and has claimed this area his...and yes, they do have a dog bed and blankets in the back...#spoiledmuch??

3. The most exciting news of this week would be...that I am a big sister again!

Yesterday, my momma asked if I would run some errands with her..she, like me, doesn't like to leave her Golden Retriever, Gracie home alone so she goes every where too (I am tellin' ya, we are crazy!) So, when she loaded Gracie into the car, I didn't think much of it. We went around and then she started driving way to Bradenton but wouldn't say where she was going. We finally pulled in to the Humane Society's Parking lot..she had scheduled a meet&greet with a potential new member of the family. Gracie and the sweet girl pictured above hit it off great! My mom signed the adoption papers and the Shiba-Shephard Mix is now a part of our small farm!..she has yet to be named but I will update once my mom picks one!

Welcome home sweet girl. I think you're gonna like love it here!

4. Finally, my favorite thing in the world is good mail days!
These monogrammed beauties were delivered yesterday from Momento Boutique

5. Finally, I have to say, I am pretty proud of myself. I am notorious for pinning or saving recipes from fellow bloggers but am awful at actually trying them out.

That was until Wednesday night. J is a bit of a picky eater so Wednesdays when he has class, i have free reign in the kitchen. I made Scallops in a White Wine Pan Sauce accompanied by Emily's Brussels Sprout Recipe. and for something sweet, Allison's Peach Cobbler Recipe (with the addition of raspberries) My goodness both of those were so insanely good and definite repeats!

So, like I said, J's mom will be here. She is here from today until Tuesday! Last time she was here, I mentioned that I have always wanted to go parasailing. J won't go with me because he is scared so she said "Um..I'll go with you!" To be quite honest, I thought she was kidding until Monday afternoon she texted me "so did you find a place to go parasailing?" I really really do want to go but after booking it, I am just a bit nervous!
this will be my view come 1115 tomorrow morning!

Have any of you been parasailing? Did you take your phone with you for pictures? Was it scary?

Wish me luck and have a great weekend! 


  1. Way to go on putting those pinterest recipes to delicious use! Loving the monogrammed cuteness! Fun mail is the best :) Have fun parasailing with John's mom!! Sounds like a memorable weekend awaits - enjoy! :)

  2. I'm hungry now. Lol thanks for sharing that picture.

  3. oh my goodness...so much monogram love!!! enjoy your weekend---sounds like it's going to be fabulous!!!

  4. Ohh parasailing has always looked both fun and scary to me! But I'm sure you will have a blast! Your mom's new pup is adorable!! Have a great weekend!

  5. Yay for family coming to town and YAY for parasailing! You will have a blast! It's actually quite calm and serene up there, it feels like you're floating. You'll love it :-D

    Happy Friday gurlie <3

  6. Cute that you take the pups with you! I did that with mine in CO, but not as easy in the FL heat. Plus the baby took up all their space in the back ha.

  7. That orange chicken looks yummy, it's nice to cheat every now and then! I am sure you will have a great time para-sailing for the first time, crossing it off your bucket list and spending time with J's mother! Have a great weekend and enjoy the para-sail!

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